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Due to Corona virus and the ppd, saying the 32 officers in 11 civilian employees recently tested positive for the virus. And I have been 94 total positive test among sworn officers since March. Local activist are renewing calls for changes to the leadership of the Austin Police Department. Eric like, UM, has details from Our Austin bureau. This comes after the release of videos by a P D of the day, unarmed black man. Michael Ramos was shot and killed by an officer in April groups, including the Austin Justice Coalition, Lou Lack and Mork calling for the immediate resignation of chief Brian Manley and his command staff. Austin Justice Coalition has been leading the charge to call for de funding the police department and cutting the budget by more than $100 million. Austin Council members have proposed sweeping cuts to the department. But some want to see the department's budget slashed a 50% of what it's been With that money going toward Social justice causes and pandemic relief in Austin, Eric like of News Radio, 1200 wook, Oregon's governor's his federal officers are on their way out of Portland. But acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says maybe not well, said the officers won't leave the city until there is a plan to secure the federal courthouse Governor Kate Brown had announced to deal for the officers to leave and phases. Saying their presence is making the demonstrations worse, and Brown said the pullback would begin tomorrow at the Titans of Tech or getting a grilling from both sides in Congress. Today, Democrats air blasting the leaders of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google for using their market dominance to squash smaller competitors. Republicans want to know why the company is trying to stifle conservative voices..

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