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We wake up tomorrow we want to have positive thoughts and think that tomorrow is going to be a better day than today and that today would have been a better day than yesterday but right now this is such an intense and emotional story and situation in our country specifically here in the Twin Cities that you know we're we're hoping that tomorrow is gonna be a better day but there's no certainty today the other certainly not I would I mean it's hard to say what things will look like but without the announcement of charges Henry I think things will continue that is what I hear from every person I talked to whether I'm interviewing them or onto Cape or whether just talking to people it's a huge priority to me to talk to as many people as possible and every person says that when I ask what do you think would quell this is charges okay all right thanks I'll go I'll go back to slow here in a little bit Devin I know we're we're really doing this on the fly let less so we'll check in with long here in a little bit less can we see if we can check back in with with mark fried if we check back with what was that yeah bill Maher yeah sorry yes sorry so yeah we're just continuing to follow that fire and actually there's a by tweet now from a reporter with Kerr eleven about some looters hitting businesses on Grand Avenue in St Paul so obviously the address just continues in St Paul we saw that spread over there earlier today and as Saint Paul police continue to deal with the protesters and the looting that has now hit over there as well and getting some reports of a few fires in Saint Paul as well I haven't actually pinpointed exactly where those fires are taking place in Saint Paul but you know so much focus on that third precinct in south Minneapolis rightfully so gotta remember you know still things happening over and the capital city as well so we'll try to get some more information out of Saint Paul as well as you know just the wide spread you know pro testing continues this evening that let me ask you this mark did you hear any reports about any shots fired near the precinct Sloan said that that there may have been a report of that button but she wasn't absolutely certain so I have seen a few reports coming across that there were for some shots fired there is actually a video and I'm working to verify that this was a accurate to video taken of fireworks being shot off through the air but you know maybe celebrating the the third precinct being taken over but you know just trying to verify right at this moment obviously so much information getting pass along you have to be careful out you know what's what's going on but so far and there are reports of those gun shots and some reports of fireworks being shot through the air as well which you know that could be mistaken but you know gun shots I think unfortunately have that distinct sound okay all right thanks so much mark I appreciate it I will check back in here with mark fry it's just a matter of moments or in a in a in a little in a little bit I'm all over the place I think it's a very it's a very very emotional night tonight I don't know whether I'm coming or going to be honest with you I know Devon's you sold me down there he's producing doing a phenomenal job the second it was only second I will market and we're just trying to keep this thing afloat we're gonna and we're going to be going on all night and when I say we're gonna be going all night I know that typically I am done at one in the and we have alternate programming until we get the daily in the morning but tonight after me overseen is gonna take over Rajkummar at at one o'clock so when I'm done she will continue to broadcast live all the way through the night into the morning time to to keep you guys up to speed it up to date on everything that's transpired with on this national story and when you think of the story is and everything that we're dealing with right now everything that we're dealing with as a state and as a community itself it's intense and when I say everything about everything the two things that we're dealing with right now and we're living in the midst of we are living in the midst of a crisis here man in Minnesota with the George Floyd situation will also living through a global pandemic in the corona virus those are the two things that that we're dealing with right now those are the two things that have us have our attention and my thoughts go out to everybody in the community that that wants to be positive and think that better days are coming in yes I believe that better days are coming we are going to get through this we're going to be Vetr individuals in a better community after all this is done when this is over I don't know when that is I I I send my thoughts and my prayers out to all the people whose businesses are affected by this we've had businesses that had to be shut down because of the corona virus and now we have people that have lost their businesses because of destruction because the fighters and that's unfortunate as well in my heart goes out to all of those people all right let's take a quick break we'll come back out continuing live coverage of what what of what will be the Minnesotan of living through everything that we're living through right now getting up to speed with all of the the latest information all the protests of the murdering of George Floyd and everything that's going on we'll talk to mark fry will talk to slow Martin we will continue the live coverage coming up next year only nine switch to sprint to get our best unlimited deliver.

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