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Hello and welcome to a special episode of yield crime where we discussed the funny strange and obscure crimes of yesteryear. I'm your host lindsay valenti and with me as my sister and co host maddie single and no high. We editors something fun in short exciting. Yes we are doing something different this week. We have been invited to take part in the first ever. Historical true crime podcast showcase with a lot of other fun and amazing podcasters in a history realm. We are honored to be included in this list of amazing historical. True crime podcast. And let's get started. Yeah i'm excited for friendship. It's like i feel like now that we're in the showcase like we have friends now. We have other friends and we're friends in a historical context. They like us so for this week's special mini episode. I'm going to be sharing with you. The origins of three blind mice. That's really cute. But it's probably going to be mostly disturbing. It's going to be bad awesome okay. Let's do this. Let's do right information. It was pulled from the following sources. Twenty eighteen a bit about britain blog. Posts by mike. A two thousand ten education dot com article by natalie. Kid a two thousand five history today. Article by richard cavendish all nursery rhymes dot com atlas obscure and britain express and links to all. These articles will be included in the show notes. Just a heads up. I don't know if they'll be in the show notes of the other shows that were taking part. In with this showcase they will be in the show notes of our podcast at yield crime. Podcast dot com for those unfamiliar with the rhyme. This is what it sounds like. Three blind mice three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run. They all ran after the farmer's wife who cut off their tails with a carving knife. Did you ever see such a sight in your life as three blind mice. But i mean so. The origin of this rhyme dates back to sixteen o nine when thomas rian scott published it in a music. Compilation entitled dude romania. What is the fisted heidel. Or a really orion well. That was the compilation of the songs that it was part of. So i don't think that was called dude amelia. You know what. I meant you got there. It's generally believed that the source material for this rhyme dates back to fifteen fifty five when queen. Bloody mary the i of england executed three protestant clergymen for heresy by burning them at the stake. Why not make a cute little rhyme about it later. Yeah it's adorable. The men in question were the bishop of washer stor. Hugh latimer the bishop of london. Nicholas ridley and the archbishop of canterbury thomas cranmer. They are just three of the two hundred eighty people burnt at the stake for heresy between fifteen fifty three and fifteen fifty eight during the reign of queen. Mary the first but at least they gotta gotta rhyme and all are punished for not adhering to the queen's orders to practice roman catholicism religious feet. Yes always ends well. It does all. Three men were great men of reform especially in protestantism. Thomas cranmer in fact ushered in the age of reformation almost immediately upon his appointment as the archbishop of canterbury when he annulled the twenty four year marriage henry the eighth to catherine of aragon in order to validate his new marriage to amber lynn. High anti. yeah we're related. Nicholas ridley and in small part. Thomas cranmer was targeted in particular for his part in trying to secure lady. Jane grey as a new monarch in place of mary after preaching that she and her sister were illegitimate and unfit to rule. Ooh so they just trying to break all the rules. Yeah yeah anarchy. Monarchy from earliest fifteen fifty four nicholas and thomas cher to sell and the tower of london for treason with crammer and a preacher named john bradford in march fifteen fifty four. All three men were moved to the accardo jail and to await. Trial happened to the other guy. I think he died. He was killed pretty safe to assume but if they're on their for treason it's pretty safe to assume he was killed. Sorry in january fifteen fifty five. The three men were brought to the church of saint mary the virgin to be tried and encouraged to disavow their protestant beliefs. The humidity refused and we're ultimately found guilty for not believing trans substantiation for those who. Don't practice catholicism. Trans substantiation is the change that occurs so bread and wine become the literal body and blood of christ which is also known as the eucharist. And this is a practice that has done during communion in catholocism. the eucharist is quote unquote. The real presence. Which is the belief that christ is actually there and to deny that such as in the case of protestants would be at that time considered heretical. Okay so the men were held at the cardo jail at the northgate and thomas. Cranmer was forced to watch nicholas. Ridley and hugh latimer were burnt at the stake on october sixteenth. Fifteen fifty five. Both men had small bags of gunpowder tied around their necks in an act of humane mercy. Oh yeah his that. Have been in florida all and you probably still would be alive long enough to feel that going to live. She succumbed to the smoke and died. A painless staff mercy. Unfortunately for poor nicholas it took him much longer to die. Due to the fact that the packets of gunpowder failed to ignite causing him to die in anguish as he cried out. I cannot burn. I cannot burn by the time the gunpowder finally ignited he was already dead so he basically instead of succumbing to the fumes or having the gun powder packet lake ignite and essentially lake pseudo decapitate hammer. Something by like blowing up in his chest and stuff. He was just burnt to a crisp but he just immolated before he succumbed. Nine nicholas. ridley was fifty. Five and hugh latimer was sixty seven. Thomas cranmer horrified by the deaths of his fellow clergy appeal to the queen and recanted. His beliefs swearing his acceptance of the pope. The head of the church the queen proving her moniker of bloody mary didn't believe he was quote unquote since sear in the renouncement of his faith. So after losing his appeal thomas cranmer was also burnt at the stake on the same spot. On march twenty first fifteen fifty six at the age of sixty seven it said that as they lit the branches he thrust his right hand into the flames which he deemed unworthy as he had used it to sign the recantation of his faith so he was basically saying he was trying to revert back before he died. Yeah i worked out for him. Even though she has often been remembered as villainous and cruel monarch queen. Mary shouldn't be viewed as the only one who has committed misdeeds in this tale prior to their deaths hugh latimer for example played a major role and seeing catholic john forrest who was confessor to queen catherine of aragon burnt at the stake under the reign of king henry the eighth and even went.

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