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Welcome to the o'brien resell osho bond espn radio at on the espn added the all right let's do this friday the resilience show was solo today we did an nba pot a little bit later you can go ahead check out one out after you listen to me for three hours you'll see me for three hours they straight banks one but man no i don't know who's guys are just in the on the road all day long ag whatever you do is show this to be like oh you did the segment two and a half hours ago you thank you one but that usually now works so we appreciate type straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts here's what we're doing all we don't have steven jackson unfortunately for another hour today we hung out of the cafeteria this morning not gonna say were best friends not seen he's gonna start staying with me up here but we're definitely gonna do that again he had a blast and i emphasize this throughout know the last twenty four hours year go check it out the one hour steven jackson yesterday and we may replace some of that meeting the third hour different audience that type of deal i also told someone they looked really nice today i think i'm never going to do that again tedy bruschi on the afc and nfc contenders surprises or not i have little baker mayfield thing i wanna do a little crisp stuff but i wanna start with last night's thursday night of because hunter was a good game it was close there were stuff that that happened and i'll say that this year's thursday night games at least it's not tennessee and jacksonville every night okay it there are better teams playing we've had some really good games that ramses nyerere's ones low scoring.

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