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Seven joke and to the phone lines we go with Jennifer from lapierre good morning Jennifer thanks for calling in how may we help you good morning I have about it nine year old eight queen washer yes ma'am and washers good but at the beginning of some cycle there's a high pitched squeaky squeal okay yeah not long after the lotus washing but maybe last five minutes and if not every load either but it's a couple times a week at any rate have you ever had the bell changed on the machine no no where is it the belts located underneath the machine and you are do you have somebody capable of working on this yeah yeah then I'd suggest you have somebody get into the machine it's a belt is not hard to change they're not expensive and if it's got ten years on it now you can expect at least another fifteen from what I've read about speed queen washing machine and may be up to fifty years with the speed queen washing machine so don't go buying a new washing machine Jenner before you inquire of still how easy it is to change the belt okay well right yeah I love I love the watcher thank you so much for calling Jennifer thank you you're more than welcome James in west land joins us good morning James good morning how you doing I'm a hundred percent Sir thank you that's good yeah I live in a condo I called about a couple weeks ago about developed my perpetrator Spencer and that changed but and put their shop but it is this this is good this device I just wanna let you know that okay okay my question is is that I've been is kind of a with ten years and they said they've been all about the come along over twenty years or so and acted as a unit I had a company come out and do a tune up on it okay the guy put the Gators on it and said I was out of three out whatever they put in nowadays yes so my my my conditions of work and it is getting cold air dates so I didn't have to pay to get for the pre I'm not like that I just one though what do they do with sad check the freon but that's only the X. no did the did you have a complaint like it wasn't cooling no I just want to come out and check to a to a product got band that had done one and ten years that I've been here all right well then if he put freon in it you must have had a complaint about it's not cooling you to put in the near future to the gate is upset at Atlantic free on it okay you didn't have any three on it that's what he told me that my goodness with getting cold and I never have problem well what I just want to know what else do they do but the sound to the yeah but James if you didn't have any free on it it it wouldn't be coaling okay that well that's my question did the company they try to get money and that's what I may have to do to try to get money up well if you don't know unless you know the service company that came to your home and you trusted them and they work for you in the past and you know they're not a rip off if you know all of that then you've got to trust the guys decision as to what he did but did they charge you for putting in free on a total of a there are a lot of month month okay this is getting cold into my house and and all and outside to god that I need a free also after he called me to price in there that of the other on the what the service you know I don't want to but not not not just one though that that all exposed to satisfy the tuna well you know it's not just the condensing unit outside with the compressor is but is that a matter of going into your furnace to make sure your blower is working properly that it's clean that your filter is clean all of those things that are part of your air conditioning system right let it either the number that he just he just called me a price about the tree on anything that that would get upset with the gas so I don't blame yeah I just what do you ask for at the end of that two years ago my after this is still working okay aims let me tell you this a company out there in Westland Michigan it started forty years ago with a young lady who had a service technician and her open this new business called Sharon's heating and cooling that's forty years ago okay this is a woman okay now she has over a hundred employees working for today and they're very well known and very respected for being so honest and if you've got a pencil there I'll give you the phone number right here on the air not that not the company yes share is heating and cooling I'm glad you called was very nice of you thank you thank you Sir take care our rate all we got to be careful here Kate when people call in and need service that they've got to know what they're talking about because if your voice of knowledge on a certain product like in your home then the service companies got to be trusted in if they're not trusted it you didn't make the right inquire he's before you called for service such is the better business bureau find out what the rating is on the come if there's come play do some enquiring before you just pick a name and go with that name know who you're calling before you call let's go to Jean in excel and a good morning gene good morning how may we help you well I have a Kenmore elite side by side refrigerator freezer sounds kind of like the same kind of freezes at the other man called.

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