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Thirty-five past. Yeah. It is number two. You. It's amazing to me. Remember when we were getting close to March madness. In that whole story broke in the FBI investigation. A leaks. Started coming down about assistant coaches being arrested money being paid to athletes is executives being arrested as well. Rick Pitino being brought down. I mean, we thought this was gonna be remember what they said that you might have a March madness. With the winner being like a small school because all the big boys would be in trouble number. We the whole conversation was this is gonna take down college basketball. It's going to be huge, right? You know what? Who's Arizona's coach right now. Still Shawn Miller, right? Bruce, Pearl still coaching at Auburn. The guy at Creighton. Even was brought out in this eastern, coaching assistant coaches that were publicly named they got head coaching jobs. When's the other shoe going to drop the latest is one of the government? Witnesses an exit Dita's consultant TJ gas Nola flato came out and said that he paid the Andrei Aden's family. Family paid them. Dina's was paying these players to go to Dita's schools. So are we supposed to be led to believe that these coaches had no idea is just Christmas for them that the Adidas doing everything for them at Adidas was sending then top players had Shawn Miller never knew Andre eight shows. Arizona oversea, Duke or Kentucky and these other schools because apparently that's what we're led to believe. Right. That Shawn Miller had no idea and just thought his. Recruiting acumen was so good that the Andre and couldn't say no to him. When in fact, Adidas is paying you know, the likes of the Andre family to go play there. So you're telling me, Bruce didn't know why five stars are gonna Auburn. Because what a five star got offers a football school for crying out loud. No one in Alabama cares about college basketball. I know 'cause I lived there for a year and a half you got to Bryant Denny stadium. Nothing. Maybe things have changed in Cullman. Coliseums nicer, Sean, you'll love this. So I'm there from two thousand and three September to February two thousand and five two thousand and four I go to every home and away Alabama game except the trip to Hawaii. So I spent many a Saturday at Bryant Denny one of the most amazing stadiums, you're gonna see in this country. One of the most amazing stadiums better than any NFL stadium ever been to atmosphere facility press box maze, right side. A buddies assistant coach at Mercer basketball. Goes, hey, listen. You know, we're. He's a women's basketball coach he's like we're gonna go over playing it. Tuscaloosa lunch, come down. I'll get tickets. I cool. So couple of us. Go down meet my body. Get tickets go to Coleman Coliseum. What a poop hole. You look at Bryant Denny in the distance massive beautiful hundreds of millions of dollars incredible stadium. And I'm in a wooden gymnasium. That's a square watching Alabama basketball going really Latrell Sprewell played here serious. This is a poop hole. They don't care about college basketball. It's a football state. So why is Bruce pro getting five stars? Because he's such a nice guy. I like talking to Bruce. But I wouldn't go play basketball Auburn if I'm a five star would it be turning down actual basketball programs? Right. But I guess Adidas is paying these guys in these coaches have no idea. So why is it that the other shoe has not dropped? Why is it these coaches have not been disciplined to the point where they're not coaching anymore? Right. Like how many death sentences? Do we think coaches would have? Like, how many death sentences of top coaches? Do we expect like right Patino lost his head not because of this record your losses because of hookers in stuff in parties in the basketball dorm, right? That's what Rick Pitino ultimately lost his job for not really the thing was like the last straw. Was it? Brian Bowen's dad talking about that the money that they got. So this guests Nola guy talks about payments made to Dennis Smith junior, by the way. Yeah. That Dennis Smith junior goes NC state one and done ends up. With the Dallas Mavericks, Brian Bowen, he's another guy. So Bryan Bowen's dad got twenty five thousand dollars to play for the Adidas sponsored Michigan Mustangs, a U program. Okay. And I got seven thousand in cash put it in a magazine to the Bolen family and another Adidas executive took care of it. If you want to know about the toothlessness of the NC, double A just follow this case because I just don't have any idea. Why nobody else has suffered because of this. Are we supposed to believe this never happened? And this is all made up by these people that have been arrested. Is that what we're led to believe? Aren't you surprised, Sean when you hear about these cases, and I'm not surprised John rate got paid? There's parents got paid from Arizona. He was a top recruit in the nation. And I'm not surprised when people mention Kansas and all these other big programs being involved. Do I believe the Bill self to the mic chef skis, the ROY Williams of the world? Do I think they've been on the up and up doing everything kosher? No, I'm not an idiot. But I think my chef skis the only guy legitimately recruiting without any problems and Duke is so great that everybody wants to go play a Duke. And that's why everybody picks Duke, and he got three of the top the top three recruits in the nation coming next year. Just because he's Mike chef ski and he waves a magic wand and pick him over marriage Zona pick him over Kentucky. And they pick them over North Carolina. My supposed to believe that. Because chefs moral right sorry. I don't buy it. Do I think there's a financial bidding war between Kentucky and Duke, and Kansas and other top programs for five stars. Yeah. I wasn't born yesterday. Do I think the coaches know about it? Yeah. Do I think they encourage him? Yeah. I think the sneaker companies are in compliance. With that. Yeah. I think it's a whole group that's messy with their hands dirty in this yet. Why is it? I see it. Why is it the government sees it? Why is it? There's testimony for those involved knocking the door down. And yet the NC double A sitting in their high horse in Indianapolis doesn't say squat. Why is it the show Miller still recruiting top five classes? Now, he's doing it cleanly like do it cleanly now. And before you have to have a deed is helping by buying and players, right? Strange. Right. Are you telling me that they're not buying players? Now that the boosters aren't still involved. So I watched ballers which has gotten way too political for me, by the way this season. I love the rock the first couple years of ballers as dumbest shows it is has been fun to watch. It's fun. You know, I mean, it's it's miscast beyond miscast that that super agent with the hot blonde. Yeah. From New York, obviously with that accent. Like if you're a super agent representing like top players, you have a bigger set on yourself. Then that guy that they're showing the GM of the Rams you don't go. But you don't go from selling cars to being the GM of the Rams within a year. Right. That doesn't happen. Right. You don't go. And be as kind and nice looking in friendly looking as the dominant defensive end of the Cowboys like that one character. It's kinda miscast like it's just not a good casting job. My problem is a gun so political right? But the one thing I do agree with this year is the portrayal of the NC double A. Yeah. The rocks going after the NC double A on the show. And you know, what what he says about them to point is accurate. They are kind of spineless. They really are. And I think this is a case what does highlights that like I wanna see heads role in college basketball. I want to see some changes occurring. Well, I think the schools have more power than the NCW as a whole. But but kind of like the US. Right. The UN have real power. Spineless too. Yeah. But here's the difference though. Why are we leaving it up to the schools? Do does anybody trust the schools to police themselves with what's happened in college? NCWA due to a school. Look at SMU who did that somew- the NC double A who laid the hammer down on Penn State for a while. Now, the then gave it all back. But who was that who took scholarships away from Alabama at one point the NCWA? Who went after Ohio State and kept him out of the NC double A? All right. So spineless, but in this. They are why because you have so many big schools involved. Here's the problem for the NC double A, those instances, we talk about Ohio State with their little infraction, Alabama. They had issues, you know, the other programs with issues. Yeah. You'll get him for a year or two right? Unless it's so big like Penn State, and it's a national story. Like, you can't just slap the wrist and say, you know, welcome back next year. But when you have the entire sport a college basketball under the microscope with some of the biggest programs and names out there involved, or at least being mentioned as being involved think about if the NC double A, actually drop the hammer on college basketball in this whole dirtiness paying players to go to certain schools by the sneaker companies with of course, wink, wink, jobs from the coaches think about the names and schools out. Ultimately, be taken down, Sean, you think the NCAA wants to take their head out the sand. Do you think the NCAA wants to go kill Kentucky? Kill arizona. Kill Kansas, North Carolina Duke every major program in the country. Some of the biggest names in coach. And you think the NCAA wants to do that one school here or there? Sure take away scholarships take away postseasons. But five ten twenty of the biggest schools and biggest names in college basketball all involved in the same sleaziness to where you have to smack them all at the same time. You think the NCAA wants to do you want wanna watch the March madness where firms the favorite to win it all? So you're saying the schools have the power then know what I'm saying is. Yes. The backlash backlash. No, not from the school from the public from Kansas from North Carolina. None of them can talk. No. Because the relevancy of the sport would think to people. I don't think the public airs. You don't think if you had an NC double A tournament the top twenty five teams in the country or out of it. We're suspended for two three years. You have so many top twenty five programs though, it doesn't matter. But you take out Kansas and Kentucky in the big Arizona. Think gonna care. Nobody is bigger Than Shwe's. Arizona. If it's just Arizona. I think they care about Auburn you mentioned those two schools, you think people can. No. But Kansas is involved there mentioned in this as well. You want to keep digging and digging and digging. What do you think you're gonna find right? Why do you keep digging in a goldmine after you strike a little bit of gold because you know, you're gonna find more you dig and dig and dig look the NCAA wants to find something they can problem is they don't want to go there because I think they don't want to find this. But enough reading of what's going on in courts right now in the guys that are now working and testifying for the government. I mean payments to de'andre Aiden. What was the story? One hundred grand right, douse. The story. Miller denied it. Here's another guy saying, yeah, we pay de'andre family twenty five. Jeez. Sean, no, come on. Not buying it. They don't wanna know. That's the problem. But I just thought we would have more at this point. Right. I thought after that broke and people are all those guys out there writing articles about this is it. Just you wait sit back and see the names of the shoes that drop, right? Okay. We've sat back and waited. Now what half a year more? What's dropped? Besides Rick Pitino. The other guys are still recruiting top ten classes, the assistant coach has got other jobs the head coach is that we thought get fired quickly. They're still coaching in essence nothing has happened. Spineless? It's what it is. And by the way, the schools are spineless to mean, you think Kansas wants to investigate Bill self in the program. Bill self brings a lot of money that school, you think Carolina really wants to know what ROY Williams knows no Duke, and she chef ski no Arezzo wants to know, Sean. Miller's Arizona basketball on the map. Sad. That's the state..

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