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American. Jewish woody allen. It's always crazy. Talk like this since the covert happened into mattress touching my mouth because worry about infecting my wife slash daughter. That's like the quintessential to right. Yes i literally didn't realize 'til. I don't know a decade ago that the original jews from the bible we're all like your lineage from iraq when i thought of you know sephardic jews. I thought they were like the minority of jews and they weren't the real the the real jews. The jews of the holocaust and and these eastern european jews turds out. Fake jews dudley. Fake the fake ges dodo. Thank you what is this. I mean are you born in la. I am born in los angeles so at the israeli music. How is it a part of your life. I let me just say if i'm sure thank you. What about me. i like your joke. That you're the number twos media. That's not a joke. Not a joke. No i love it. I mean you've been to the doctor here. This is not your first time in la. That factory i love everybody. You know the comedian. Tehran signed play the other day. I was a science experiment. Let me explain. Yes on my father's side. My father is iran. We're from your from tehran. Francois mitterrand yes on my mother's side. She's black but it doesn't stop there. They were like iranian and blacks and then the neighbor kid. Tehran like life was easy enough big iranian and black ron go. They met here and they met and the united states on my mother's side was black grandfather. Black american my grandmother egyptian joop so the ones who look like they weren't smart enough to leave slavery they stay leave. Closes lead you out of there. Why did you go back. So that's where it comes from funding. You prepared me to meet you. I'm gonna meet with the persian family. Persian jew jew would be the way we title. It sounds better. that's why persians like the word persian because it sounds that sounds like oh look the rug. It's expensive oh iranian. Like on the news of persian. Oh yeah exotic exactly. So what is your background. Let me understand right. So i was born in los angeles. My parents are both iranian. My father is a cardiologists from san wrong and my mother was actually born and raised in germany in hamburg driving yet what what keeps us jewish very much our connections israel. I grew up in a jewish. Elementary school sinai. Akiba where we're constantly told about the importance of israel but instead of doing elliot whiz rail. They came here to late. They were educated and bought a house in beverly hills very status persian people like the flair. That's what i like about. Remorse like israeli yes. They like the flair that's middle eastern culture. I guess like live out loud. Oh my god. You're jewish odd show. I started doing hip hop in. Your was the way that i use to learn more about it. You know we would just come up with beats and rhymes. He came to scott. The sleigh tofte why how to pairing and we'd go back and forth of the of gamal the morality of fish that they went to the actually they did the in the asking Yeah ryan to it. Yeah so i felt this kind of sacred envy away. I was like oh. I really am enjoying this melody. I'll stick around and see. What else happens so i stayed for dinner. I asked questions. And.

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