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You got a doghouse. Like they're playing was in again. This is strictly a quote a negro village within sight But that didn't work out because again. The city was expanding so large. Okay you're going to have to live outside the city fence. She pushed him out. Further and further. Some okra of the oakridge was extremely basically. This role mountain land and i think was like twenty minutes away so the city could expand. Pretty you know pretty comfortably without running into anyone. But soon as that starts happening people would have to. You know and still a bridge. I don't think it's ever expanded into an town yet. Sense to my knowledge so the more german and white you were the bigger house you got taken away from this. Well funnily enough huggy cure a german. They're actually sort of suspicious of you unless you're one of those jewish scientists in the area and this was sort of a melting pot of culture. They had people from washington california new york the parts of the south people from you know the mid mid western ouija region as long as you had the credentials to end the skill to being agreed. They will put you in there. Of course if you weren't southern white the more the more jewish in white house all out. That's okay i'm slightly. You just got a drop of jewish blood and so one of the funny things. I found interesting. Was it sort of resembled. Ussr era you know housing. You know depending on who you were. What your position was in the society and your job where you live. All those higher ups within the nicer apartments in the us are if you're factory worker you'd be put in an apartment or some sort classic best. This is dick yalies as bad as this and the funny thing is crying. Missile interesting crisis statistics within krige areas. Where the dormitories which were extremely high density areas and small square. Mileage crying was higher is usually schroeck. Lower wage workers theft and whatnot and and sort of shows. You know high high density populations you know like the crime. In of course it didn't compared to the ussr. Cry where you had prostitution rings and shit going on in those in these like the construction of these nuclear villages but it shows how this compact area rule is really getting to people. And then then we get to the secrecy. Yes i save a lotta people the best word about histories the secrecy and decides great. I'm gonna. I'm gonna quote that you heard it here. First genocide is when so you ought to be. You'd have a big background check on to agree before you got hired yet. A background check to make sure you didn't have not to your communist ties more last j. o. And so when mating. But when a person i entered a day were subjugated to a lie detector. Test sometimes Rain lie detector tests just to see now houses it and whatnot and then when you first moved there you also had to do you all try to sign a declaration of secrecy which basically was a waiver that says you talk about your job to anyone including family members or your spouse so angry snow. Nothing i mean. That's currently what we're doing with this podcast because my wife doesn't know about it it's fine is my my extremely religious parents. Never find out about this podcast. I'm in the clear. I'll still be in the will be shot man. I told everyone perfect. Good and we'll. The secrecy actually took big tall. Oak ridge actually had an extremely high rate of divorce There was a study that was conducted in it contributed to change an economic and the social economic changes within the city as well as how women being given actual jobs within the city. And i disagree with that it was. It was definitely played a role in that secrecy from your spouses and family members and co workers really had to take a mental toll on the field. Back up a quick minute. You mean to tell me that keeping secrets from someone you're married to benefit girlfriend constantly d- my relationships born lies. Who's who's isn't this point. Everything's just my My browser history. Thank you very and so. Here's a really funny thing. So i've gone through a bunch of oral histories given by people who into krige one of them. Was this woman maim missa dug in and she remarks about the secrecy as such. I remember asking a little boy who has about seven or eight years old. I guess where he come from. He said. I'm sorry. But i can't give you that information. Even the children mind secrets i need. This isn't this isn't i kissed susie susie who behind the church now. It's i can't tell you where i come from. I'm sorry i wish that he just he responded goes bitch listen i tell you i gotta kill you pretty much. The wave off the fuck out of here. It is picture this kid with scars on his face. The most horrigan will face on it. I'm sorry i can't tell you that. He's not scruff on his face by shaving it with a knife he just has a child seis mall view s uniform as small. Now get the fuck out of my way cigar honor on her arm. Get the fuck outta here get questions. Even what's even more interesting. Coworkers worked. Talk talk talk about like what. They're doing dr abbas he was a scientist worked within the white k plant which was one of the the nuclear facilities there and he was going over the theories of what he thought was going on with an oak ridge and he rodion whiteboard and he said nobody discussed openly. What we were doing. I remember. I had been here a few days when dr film. A co worker of his wasn't dormitory on road out. Some quesions to set bill. It looks like this is just to check with you. Well dr.

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