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Reporting in the studio. Nina Crisco loafer Wish TV wish tv dot com and follow us on Facebook name. Thanks. State health leaders are encouraging people to check other counties when making vaccine appointments. Jimmy Johnson reports that if you're willing to travel, there is a chance you could be vaccinated quicker. Hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers have been vaccinated, while thousands more wait their turn. We opened on Monday and next week already beginning of the week. I think Tuesday we already 99% booked for next week, and we're already booked for the week after Hamilton County health departments, emergency Preparedness coordinator Christian Walker says it's a good problem to have, but he understands the frustration surrounding scheduling. We're not holding anything back at our house at Riverview here there, any of the hospitals were dispensing what we get, and we're creating the appointments accordingly, Walker says. Hamilton County is encouraging people who don't want to wait to check with other counties. But he says that shouldn't be there. First option. Send everybody down to Marion County. There's people in marrying county there now not able to get vaccinated. State leaders say they're working to help clear up some of the scheduling issues. One way is by eventually allowing people in the same household to sign up for their vaccination together right now on Lee, one person can do it at a time, Dr Lindsay Weaver says. Eventually, some of those problems will work themselves out as the state receives more doses to demand for vaccine is incredibly high. Please do not get discouraged at the location you're looking at has limited availability. Today. We're working every day to expand capacity. Next week, 37 more health clinics will open as vaccination sites across the state. It's going to take a minute. It's gonna take a little bit of time, but we're going to see A large scale operation. Just keep continuing to get bigger and bigger and Indianapolis I'm Demi Johnson for Wish. TV, which tv dot com and follow us on Facebook. Both President Trump and President elect Biden have told state health departments to not hold back in vaccinating they promised production will speed up in the coming days. And I teammate found out that one of the state's teacher's unions is concerned that school workers are too far down the list on the state's vaccination plan. The first phase of Indiana's vaccine plan is by age group Starting with people, Lady and older. Other groups will be.

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