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He was blasted out by taya fima Lopez. He was beaten pillar to post by Vasily lomachenko, and I'm sorry, I'm not gonna get excited about the fact that he had a draw against Jose pedraza. That doesn't tell me that he still has something left. This is a bad fight. I don't know how much clearer we need to be. It should not be a ESPN televised main event. I mean, if you want to make the fight fine, but again, I don't think it is, I don't think of it as a main event, particularly when it's taking the place of the potential of the prograde fight. So like you said, I'm just not the Richard Comey is a good dude and he's had a good career and all that, but I mean, but he's got to he's got to do, he's got to do what he did after those back to back losses to Robert Easter and to shafikov. He went out. He won what, four, 5 fights in a row before the Lopez fight, he won a belt. Like he rebuilt himself and made himself viable for that TFE mo Lopez fight. Right now he's not viable. He's not. He looks like and he's fighting at a weight class above what he was at his best at. So I can't go into that fight. I think it's going to be remotely competitive. That's my biggest problem with it. I don't think Comey would be competitive against Ramirez. There's just no real reason to do the fight. I mean, I can not get excited about that one at all. And I like each fighter. I like Ramirez. I like Comey, but the match just feels like we already know the result. I mean, unless he lands that Hail Mary punch on Ramirez, who's always showing himself that a good chin anyway, you already know what's going to happen. I can tell you right now, that fight's like, you know, 8 rounds to two, you know, going to the scorecards. You know, write it down. Yeah, I'm with you on that one. All right, let's move on to some of the chatter going on between Ryan García and tank Davis. Tech Davis had a media workout in Miami this week. Of course, the subject of Ryan García comes up Ryan, of course, has elected not to go ahead with a stay busy fight against barcelo gasta instead to just keep training to go on to the fight against tank, presumably for mid April, though we'll see what happens with tank over these next couple of months. Let's start with Ryan's decision, not to take the stay busy fight. We've heard some criticisms from people like golden boy from Oscar De La Hoya himself. What did you make of Ryan deciding not to fight guest up? I thought it was a very mature decision and the right decision. I told Ryan that myself, you know, Ron and I occasionally will text with one another. I told him that I thought it was a good decision and that it was a mature decision. In my mind, when you do tune up fights, bad things happen.

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