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A high percentage of these plastics with these types of polymers What did they eventually look to create Fox Solve the problem So from somewhere the Goodland controls not, the local council the home secretary Sergey Javid has promised to do more to combat forced marriages. And support victims Mr. Javed's comments come after an investigation by the times into the numbers of people trying to block the visas of. Their foreign spouses his political, correspondent Suzanne Mendosa, such Javid said forced marriage was an uncivilised practice that had no place. In British society his comments come off the data obtained by, the times newspaper reveal that officials dealt with nearly ninety cases of women trying to block. Visas last year they said they'd been forced to marry men in, countries, including, Pakistan India Bangladesh and the. United Arab Emirates but in almost half the cases visas were still issued charities of warm that women and girls are being forced to live with abusive partners as a result Bolt of. Home office decisions the food manufacturer MAs has withdrawn, his advertising from. YouTube after the company's products was shown alongside so-called drill, rap videos the music has been linked to at least two murders in London YouTube said it. Was working with the police James Kelly reports early this year the metropolitan police Commissioner Cressida dick called on social media platforms to take. Down videos glamorizing violence but, many remain online, and on discovering its brands were being advertised alongside such content on YouTube. MAs decided to act a spokesperson said it was unacceptable and, disappointing and confirmed all the company's YouTube advertising had been suspended of the companies are reported. To be considering similar action the record-breaking hydroplane Bluebird is due to, take, to, the water for the first. Time in more than fifty years this morning it arrived on the island Butte for tests yesterday a team has spent the past seventeen years restoring the craft Which crushed on Coniston water in the, lake district in nineteen sixty seven killing Donald Campbell now with the, weather forecast here's Chris FOX Darna thanks very good morning to you we're looking at a sunny day coming across the southeast of the country with. Some high temperatures northwestern areas meanwhile we'll have quite, a bit of cloud today and temperatures closer. To normal so we'll start off with the forecast detail. Across all of England and Wales where it's a dry stop. For many of us few for patches around coastal western Kosovo Wales. And few four patches down in the south. West of England as well but, he should readily clear most series we'll see some sunshine today but cloud we'll tell, tend to, build in the cross Wales positive the Midland's and northern counts of England keeping temperatures here in. A range of around twenty one twenty three degrees celsius and pleasant conditions but. Further south we'll see more in the way of sunshine say for the south of England and East. Anglia in the sunshine we're looking at temperatures ranging from around twenty six to maybe thirty degrees celsius in the. Very hottest, areas north northern quite a cloudy day here. If you miss patches in one or two isolated. Mainly light shower Hours temperatures twenty degrees and in Scotland will see showers coming and going across westerners particularly. For the. Highlands, and the western house but otherwise dry day with the best of any. Sunshine across the south highs today reaching twenty degrees Donna thank you now for a look at the papers and the guardian prints the much trailed article by Jeremy Corbyn in which the labour leader response to accusations he's been lenient on anti Semites. In his party he says such people. Have no place in labor. And dismisses, as overheated rhetoric claims the labor government would pose a threat to Jewish life in Britain the telegraph causes words Assad disappointment in an editorial it says Mr. Cubans article is full of rhetorical. Urgency but on, the key matter of explicit definitions of antisemitism, he responds with Soviet esque institutional lethargy the mirror says Mr. Cubans, belated response to the anti semitism crisis is a first step towards repairing the damage inflicted on Labour's relationship with Jews it seems the paper says. That he is finally appreciated the harm caused by, the mounting row But it should not and need not have ever got this far Reflecting positively on onto, resumes meeting with the French president Emmanuel Macron the daily Express asks is it too much to hope that. We are, finally seeing a breakthrough in Brexit negotiations with the EU it says whatever difference is the UK, and France have Britain's are enthusiastic consumers a French wine. And cheese and the French tourist industry benefits massively from British holidaymakers it notes Mr. Macron is. A pragmatic man, who understands he must protect. His country's own interests the I however is less positive about Brexit it reports that plans to ask police chiefs to cancel officers. Leave in the two months after Brexit have been discussed in Whitehall. It says the idea, has been mooted as the government readies itself for the worst case scenario of social unrest caused by. A no deal a spokeswoman for the home office tells, the paper the government is focused on securing a good Brexit deal which works in the interest of. The UK. And the EU and is the, heart and largely dry spell continues kindergarteners will wish they had the The foresight of Steve Prescott from Lancashire the Daily. Mail describes how the, business consultant began storing rainwater two years ago to save money he now has eight water tanks and. His being able to continue watering his plants and loan, without using a drop of top water I look at the papers now on open country David Lindo. Visits Lundy. For the island's first marathon race Linda's, just,.

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