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Let's go to the women's first. Women's Elimination Chamber, Liv Morgan, rear Ripley, Bianca Belair, dewdrop. Nikki, almost a superhero. And Alexa Bliss. Explain this to me. Yeah. Is there any reason that Bianca Belair should not win this match? Any. Outside of the little doll? Yeah, I mean, if Alexa Bliss wins this match. Very positive. It'd be the worst decision that they've made. You've had this story with Bianca getting her revenge on Becky for so long in SummerSlam. Yeah. She's the only sensible person to win this match. Yeah. Hybrid Nevis already had her shot. I don't know what the hell they're doing when ria Ripley. Liv Morgan's already had her shot. It's like heating re up. They have been. But it feels like I don't know what direction that moves her in. Nikki ASH Ripley have their whatever. Alexa Bliss being thrown in this match because even if she were to win, this is where you go, well, WWE doesn't make sense anyway, so there's that. But is she a baby face against Becky? I don't know. There's only one woman that can win this mess. If Bianca doesn't win this match, it is a crime. And I need to file charges. Say, hate crime. I'm picking Bianca. Yes, that's because it makes the most sense. Like you said. This has to be the plan from SummerSlam. So now this has to be the long-term booking. Yes. This is the payoff. And you let them all because Charlotte said I got Ronda. Because otherwise, Bianca be pushed out of this match. That sucks. You ridiculous. And then we have men's chamber match, Lashley, Lesnar, Rollins, fury, riddle, styles, and just because Kevin Owens doesn't compete in Saudi. So he's not in the match. And then neither does Sami Zayn, who is the new Intercontinental Champion? What a great run by Shinsuke nakamura, huh? Someone posted that Shinsuke on and off. Come to main roster. Has been Intercontinental Champion. 756 days. How many times he's defended that thing? Four television defenses of his title in 756 days. Yeah, as I see jammy. It's over two years. As Intercontinental Champion. Nakamura has been four televised offensives. There are 52 weeks in a year, which means there are 52 smackdowns. This fool can't defend? In a hundred smackdowns. And 20 some odd papers. Four? Or televised defenses. And people are going to keep telling me they're doing right by nakamura. He's the most hell of a championship brain, but he's such a useless champion. Now they just took it off from now and the rumor is that Sami Zayn is going to work Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania. The icy title. What do we doing? I mean, whatever. I actually tell the work very title. Not now. Anyway. And then not to film might win the belt. Oh my God. This would be just as bad as Braun Strowman and Nicholas. Doctor might win the belt that night. And then men's chamber match my prediction. Here it is. Send the jet. Cody Rhodes flies over to Saudi. Austin theory.

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