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Two, twenty two minutes after, the hour so a big win for President Trump and. The so-called trade war that the left establishment Republicans swamp creatures. Never-trumpers media, at all had predicted never materialized when it came to our allies European Union out calms are. Going to be tougher no. Doubt, but Carl Glen Burnie says with the EU this gives us more than fifty percent of the world's trade this, should help. With China yeah again and then, see the President Trump knows what he's doing by getting the deal done with the European Union I Frank And the China's gonna, look at this wait. A, minute the US and the EU now are on the same page, they're working, towards, zero tariffs so they can trade freely with we may not need Chinese, steel or aluminum, or whatever, the case may be anymore we can trade whether European Union partners so China's going to be left on, the outside looking in holding the. Bag unless they come to, the negotiation, table and now they agree to working towards zero. Tariffs as well so this is a brilliant strips masterpiece I think by President Trump by putting the European, Union deal I ahead, of China well basically what the president has done is. Is cracking the ice here you know he he had the. European Union, in China and everybody else you know saying oh my goodness you know what you're doing is. Is is is going to. Be, horrible, for our economies and maybe even yours too and the world economy in general so the president basically is. You know Somebody who's gonna cave and in this particular. Case it was the European Union I well now the ice has been cracked so. Now you can go from the European. Union to others if it's good for the European Union I'm sort of China's going to look at it and say. Hey look we need the European Union we need the United. States markets as well and so maybe. You ought to rethink this but remember the Chinese will want, to say face somehow. Or, another and that remains to be seen what that means right there, was something, else, the president did in the last couple of days they've got a lot, of, the blowback, pushback from, Liberal Democrats like Chuck you schemer and even some Republicans and this was the twelve billion dollar subsidy for, the soybean farmers in some of. Our other farmers and by, doing that Again this was going to be paid for by the way out, of the tariffs and not from the taxpayers I think that's an important. Distinction we're going to pay, it to the farmers out of the, terrorists and not from taxpayer dollars. So the president using that that's another negotiation ploy that the. European Union looked at its wait a, minute he's farmers aren't going to be suffering because they're going, to, be, getting the twelve billion dollars. So we may as well go into go. She ate a better deal because you know. They're not it's not going to be the US who've buckles in. This particular case because they're paying their farmers twelve billion. Dollars so again the president way ahead of this thing he plays the. Long game and it's just amazing watching the the the media and the, liberals heads. Explode yesterday when he announces this deal in the stock market goes up nearly two hundred points but it really didn't take. That long after all About short term pain long-term gain the long-term on the short term pain is going to be like, what a month or two and that's about it Yeah so unbelievable so Even pain because you said the soybean farmers and others like them are going to be basically subsidised until we got over the hump here for. Ten WCBS six, eighty our number one. Eight hundred WCBS eighty if you want to join us AM. Six eighty at you can text into the show like. Rob Fred, has done he says you. Guys crack me up love waking up and getting a good belly laugh hearing you. Pick on each other. You, bunch of. Dorks Dorks yes where alleged Dortch according to rob bread but at least he's listening and that's all we care about by the way Joe Crowley. He's the guy that got beaten by the twenty eight year old Democrats socialists in the. Bronx and queens he has an idea for illegal alien families families that have been. Separated at our southern. Border now they they criticize the zero. Tolerance policy of President, Trump, as if it's a new policy it is not all it is is that ended the catch and. Release programs of, Obama and the Bush administration's meaning that people detained at our southern border would be momentarily detained then they would be let free among us and with a promise to return. To court the, vast majority of them. Never showing up while the presence that's against the law I'm. Enforcing the laws that's what the zero tolerance policy is but. But Crowley, says quote the damage that. Has been done to these children will be lifelong. To the family units as well. And in fact I Suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to, them to have. These children ripped apart and separate is one of the most reprehensible things I've witnessed in my twenty years of service here in the house of representatives so we're, giving reparations or advocating reparations for illegals right and people that violated US immigration people that. Have bar guilty of breaking and entering into our country we're gonna have to compensate. Them because they violated. Our law sounds to me like he's. Being lured into the, progressive, trap here now you know where she's trying to be more progressive now than Alexandra across yoga Mzalendo. Or whatever or, two That's, the Democratic Party right. Now they are shifting slowly but surely blatantly to socialism because that's their. Hill Mary that's. The their desperation hail Mary pass here to win elections don't believe all these polls out I saw police today saying Democrats favored by twelve points for the midterms Larry Sabato who absolutely butchered the last election I don't why they keep putting these pollsters on the air that are absolutely one hundred percent wrong. All the time like Salvador on some of the. Other. Ones out there but they do Neil caboodle loves the guy and of course he's predicting a seven. Point advantage and the Democrats will retake the house. Well let him predict away those of us that were looked at the results. Of, the last election we know better we know better exactly what's what's going on in this country, right now All, right it's six Twenty-nine. Time for WCBS traffic or whether I will the update we've got the. King of all. Traffic a dork according to one of our listeners rob Fred dork yes So you guys crack me up. He loves the waking up getting good belly laugh hearing us pick on each other, you bunch of. Dorks So. Here's here's the biggest Better than, degenerates I guess I'd rather not patriots I think I'd rather be a degenerate to the door. Dorky Johnson Thank you. MS Casey broken down vehicle has gone from 895 after O'Donnell street that's the good, news the bad news. Is the tail end of the backup his back. At Meriva, road barring any new problems. It may take about fifteen minutes to settle down once again we'll be watching for that. Some of the overflow traffic. Has. Gone south on ninety five into the fort McHenry tunnel keep bridge traffic is busy. Also then you have the construction. Area on the beltway to contend. With at Corentin road I'm Chuck Whitaker traffic and weather first talkradio six eighty WCBS slowly we're getting a chance to dry out with partly. Cloudy today only a slight chance of a rumble, of thunder temperatures today or warmer tomorrow we have some rain thundershowers. Scattered ninety the high but then, it's back, to sunshine on..

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