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Let's just keep pick it back up and continued on the air. Stephen Jackson is with us in studio and Stephen. I just you just had this right before we came on the air your last game. What you tell the story last game. The Tiki played good so Tiki, and I were his last Pro Bowl that was my first Pro Bowl, which was my last game last night. Last time. I remember sitting next to him in the locker rooms, I don't be too cool that. You don't be that guy. Tiki, man. You might as we switch something. And he gave me a helmet. I wouldn't even think I don't know. I don't I'm not thinking maybe cleats or something. I was asking for you gave me a hell. Why? I believe it. Yeah. It hanging up. Now, guys. All those things. But no, but back then you didn't do it too much to do with the Pro Bowl. I can't imagine you do after you play the Arizona Cardinals and individual game. Yeah. No. And this guy the way he played you weren't doing that nonsense back. Then a lot of respect for Asia will thin and darnold document. Let me ask you about respect along those lines here. Cata step out for second. And Stephen we're talking dad's marines got a former reasonable bring always bring my father-in-law's a marine. So you have that mentality. You've got a conviction of toughness, and I wonder that not that you have to be a marine to think this way, but I can't. But I would think that this is non-negotiable Antonio Brown. Yes. Would you wanna play with him? Again. If you're on that Steelers team the way you were raised the way, you think what I just got there in five minutes during the break. I don't think that you would welcome him back in that locker room. You know what I play with a few Browns. Right. Didn't show up in week seventeen win game. Well, well, not that that, but I've had a guy he he wouldn't missing on a Tuesday show up on Friday. Like what happened? What were you been an all, right? So I've had those instances and he was not a star. Like, I told you a Brown. But in those in those circumstances, I believe in direct confrontation, like I'm stepping to that person as a captain on the team a man, man. The man was going on because whatever you filling with front office a coach has nothing to do with other fifty two guys. Right. And if you don't wanna play this game, that's fine. That's fine. But then just finish it out strong. And I think him not showing up and doing these things he's trying to force his way out. Those are. Contractor being that should be handled outside the field outside of the game. And when you when you bring that into the locker room now, you act in Gaza pick sides and gosh, I don't pick sides when they're still trying to catch a check. That's the honest truth. And make a lot of money. Yeah. It's your job. Yes. And that money that we make an NFL is not that it makes us better than anybody else. Is that we all know how hard it was to get that first check. Yeah. So now, you get to a point in your career where you feel that. Hey, you know, maybe I think I deserve more. That's Hoffer guy like me because I've played on teams that went one fourteen and fifteen and fourteen and fifteen and I gave everything I had on that field. And it wasn't. It wasn't had nothing to do that. I was so loyal to the to the Saint Louis Rams as that those other fifty two guys I looked in the locker room that was I look man, we got a job to do. We won't go out here. Enter tiny about why are we doing? We're going to do the best. We can. Yeah. There's an there's an availability. That's necessary for stars, captain. Like like, you were Steven Steven. I guess it kinda shines light on the next conversation about lay La Belle. And it's less about Levy on bell. I love him too. Every Super Bowl is. I don't think we'll have this year. It's funny because last year has got to make some money. I was joking with him. Like, you know, they're gonna franchise you again, literally job, and they franchised them. And we saw it happen. I agree with his stance. Standing up for the position. Now, you like me were dual-purpose. You would all the guys doing even though you're sixty pounds heavier than that was unbelievable. How big you are. But you were ninety receptions you had one season you thousand yards consistent consistently the value of this position. Our former position has become enormous. But it's not being treated that way. What should running backs be making these days because when I was playing it was seven six seven or maybe now, it's probably about six seven or eight or so problem except for the top the upper echelon guys like Levy on bell and a couple of others who who skewed who were outlay Johnson made money. Yeah. But it's it's it's stolen money because he was the former previous contract. What's the value of the position? Now. So I plug myself really fast. Right. So I did I did at being was called say the running back, then we were just poking fun at every would like putting up posters of like the white out and in a typewriter and all these days, right? And it's like we put a post of like running back in the silhouette of a guy running is like, and we don't stop this is going to speak. So that being said, then you have Tigers. Right. The Zeki Ali through the pipeline. You have all these Clark alley. Yeah. So the value is starting to come back, but he's only coming back in a draft. Now, we need re reflected in dollars. Yes. And outside of Asia. And Peterson Chris Johnson. They didn't move the they move the point far from what you were saying those numbers, Tim when you're right. It was crazy. And I have a lot of that going back to guys willing to share the ball. There's no way when I was in Atlanta. We had a ball with three other guys. There's no way somebody could get a feel for the game. Gearhart get you know, get the carries that you need and want to separate yourself to typically and put the team on your back. There's no way you could do that. When you shared a ball. Now, you're talking about doing it two ways. Now, you have the new rules where you can't lower your show that helmet. Really can't do that. You got guys that the defense. I feel like they ought to disadvantage fifty one forty nine. They can't says the receivers right? So now, it's more, and then you have position coaches and coordinators lobbying for head coaching job. So our guys not getting them getting them, right? Tossing around. Yeah. Because a guy that's gonna call thirty carries a game thirty to thirty runs. He's not he's not going to get a new job. That's coming up next year. So all of this is slide against the position. And guys are not standing up for themselves on Bill, and I don't blame lady on Belleville taking a stance. I blame the other guys the half the. The half the plateau could say something now. Right. You're not on the first contract. You're well established you can say something. Yeah. Because you've been royally paid a few of them still playing Raleigh paid at the levels that they're trying to get to lady on wants to get to the fourteen fifteen million, Mark. There's God's is still playing the half that number that scene number. Yeah. And mega speak up a little more. Yeah. I think you're right. I mean, it's it's frustrating to watch because the positions become so valuable if you don't have a dual purpose of Lea running back you you don't win. You know, what I mean, you find all these guys? Now, the third and the fourth round make it short term gone debuted Y steps up. I think the the biggest thing that Kirk cousins did was create the idea. And I guarantee you running backs would would sign up for this. Give me four years making guaranteed. Right. You can use me up dude me up. And if I still got it I'll go get it somewhere else at the end. But give it to me guaranteed. You meet after your rookie contract after your room. I mean 'cause 'cause most of these guys were rookie contract should only be three years. Exactly. We're not talking about saquon. We're not talking about tiger. When I talked about the guys who get drafted in the first round. We're talking with the guys that are in the second round turn out to be studs. Right. That are that are David David Johnson. Right. Philip Lindsay is is a prime example, they're coming and they sneak in under the radar you pay them what they're worth guarantee it for years. And if you don't like him after four years. But at least let them get paid. That's what lay on bells trying to keep. Keep the running back down. I got nothing against you guys. You know, what we gotta do. We have to call an audible here, you wanna hang around the rest of the hour is doing we gotta talk about the games coming up this weekend. Got to ask you about some of the old players who are still that you competed against that are still out there. Want to get your thoughts on we aborted? More to talk about Steven Jackson, so Stevens get the hang out for the next segment. We'll do that anthrax up. Let's stay on time. Acts got it. Then we're back with Stephen right here on Tiki interior, take it away..

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