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S attorney. She understands how the system works. She's really the on ly person that defending the police department. But she's really being kind of ripped apart by the City Council, which is kind of socialist and democratic socialist in nature, and they're moving forward with these plans. We're gonna have 100 less off 100 fewer officers on the street. And you know, officers with Nspd Tell me that the officers who are still remaining are bailing left and right because they see the writing on the wall. The activists are not going to stop at cutting 100 officers. They're really going to try and the next budget situation, which is coming up shortly to defund the police by 50%. You have a majority of City Council members that have pledged for a full 50% cut. So the youngest officers, the best officers, the officers that still have some career left in them. Are seeking lateral transfers to other departments because they know that being a police officer in the city of Seattle is now a kind of risk to your career. If the risk here Nice Stacy and frankly in frankly what's gonna happen if they're saying You're gonna have a police officer, A police force that is on ly responding to the most serious calls and your response times might double triple quadruple. How do you know you may have a violent crime and it could take half an hour for police to arrive. How do they logically think that this is going to keep People safe and and keep the streets safe. The police safe How How are they expecting this toe work? Are they that really that stupid or Do they not care. You know, I think they're really possessed by the story that the police is, you know the City Council some of some of the some of the legislation that they were considering explicitly says Seattle Police Department is a white supremacist institution. They goto around kind of hunting people of color. I mean, the most kind of kind of horrific narratives have possessed a kind of activists clashed within the city. And they're moving forward on really no logical basis. They're moving forward on a kind of kind of millenarian basis where they're saying if we destroy the institutions of the police, which is kind of the last vestige of conservatism within the institution is the only thing that's standing between us and utopia. Their idea is through this great destruction of the police department of some kind of natural beauty and natural utopia will emerge. It is deeply naive, and unfortunately, it's going to cause the most chaos and destruction in Seattle forthe neighborhood. Please. Stuart Stuart. I read this, like, three times and we're like, Okay, maybe maybe maybe this is maybe this is good. Seattle has just hired Ah, an ex pimp. To help them figure out how to police the streets Now how long has he not been a pimp? And he's a community organizer. I take it and that's I think I might rather have the pimp. Can you tell me that story? Yeah. You know, I've actually his name's Andre Taylor. I've actually met with Andre Sailor. I've interviewed him. He is a very charismatic person, and he is kind of the mayor and some other members of the council are looking for any allies they have that can kind of play the role of activists. Community leader. You know, he's you know, from the kind of heart of the African American community in Seattle, and they're essentially desperate Tio by off elements of of the community, and they're there cutting checks seriously, and the mayor has Has has said what they want to do in the council backs her up, spend up to $100 million supporting community organizations for communities of color, quote unquote So they're kind of playing this game where they feel like they can essentially by support on if they inject enough cash into the activist network. That they'll stop with the kind of agitation and disruption, But I think it's a strategic blunder because all that will do is that will kind of create a stronger and more permanent and activist class. That has full time employees full time agitator. And you know when someone tries to extort money from you and you cut them a check, they're just going to try to extort more. Will you also create you also create the new Al Sharpton is just a business. Yeah, Absolutely. I think that's exactly right. And you know, when I met this gentleman, Andre Taylor, you know for an interview, he rolled up in a brand new Porsche with yellow Rim had a security security guard wearing a suit. That was kind of, you know, being his kind of advance man, and it felt very much like out of a Tom Wolfe novel. It felt very much like this is almost a kind of cartoon character. Who is now being funded with a six figure pay cheque by the city but really has kind of no training, no kind of kind of official capacity. On it. It's not really clear that he has the ability to do anything positive for the city, moving forward Christopher There are cases like this, and some of the most effective people that would talk out about bad things happening in the community are people who lived it and are reformed. Those air could be inspiring voices at times, right. Do you see this particular expert as one of those people? You know, And this every question and fairness in some way, Yes, I mean, one thing that under Taylor has done his credit is that he's actually spoke out against the Chazz chop. Brenda went to the child's job. And he said, Look, if you care about the black community doing this experiment and kind of white anarchism is not going to help us. So you guys should get out of here before someone gets killed and he was actually thrown out of the Chazz chop because he was essentially giving that speech. So it's a kind of mystery. Honestly, even I spent an hour with him. It really is a mystery. I think he has some actually good ideas has some ability to kind of rein in the worst of the kind of activists but at the end of the day, it's kind of like Your left hand fighting your right hand. I don't know if anyone wins. A cz always thank you very much for watching this stuff so closely on being brave enough to report on a Christopher roof. Oh, contributing editor of the City journal, We'll talk again, Chris. Thanks So people who don't live every day with mild to severe frequent pain. They don't.

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