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A little bit of this a little bit of that. I kind of look for the facts do my research. I think it's a little more fair. Sometimes I have take I didn't think of all appreciate that live. Local independent thinkers. HD Tomas Angeles, Orange County radio station. Baghdad. I'm Jo Kwon live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. The missing child investigation regarding Noah MacIntosh has now been escalated to a homicide case the police chief and krona says the father of an eight year old boy missing for over a month is now facing charges of murder and torture chief George Johnstone says get Jillian Godfrey the mother of no Macintoshes in jail and child abuse charges. She called police March twelfth Jillian advised. She had not been able to contact for almost two weeks officers attempted to contact the father Bryce back into us residents. However, did not answer a warrant was served. The next day and Bryce McIntosh was arrested news brought to you by ruder hero plumbing. In irvine. Police officer has pleaded not guilty to salt and battery charges officer Paul Gabbard has been placed on administrative leave due to an alleged off-duty attack last summer. Prosecutors say gathered went to his girlfriend's home in Torrance assault man on the couch and allegedly began. Beating him causing serious injuries. The man faces seven years in prison if convicted of the felony assault and battery charges Gabbard is out on bail and due back in court next month to determine if there's enough evidence to proceed to trial corporate Carson KFI news. Some state democratic lawmakers have introduced a package of bills and action items to stop future college emission scams. We've all watched in complete disgust by the outright fraud committed in the recent college admission scandal across the country and in California assemblyman, Kevin McCarty says he wants to explore doing away with the SAT ACT standardized tests. He says he also wants oversight in place to verify special admissions. Especially in sports. There's also an effort to ban alumni and donors from having any influence over admissions. The city of Chicago is going after empire actor jussie smollet for one hundred thirty thousand dollars for what it costs to investigate. The hate crime small at reported in January police say small at stage the attack prosecutors. Charge him with sixteen felonies. But all the charges were dropped this week. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel says small should pay for the hoax when he does pay the city back on just purely what the taxpayers of fronted in that memo section Higa, right? I'm sorry. And I'm accountable for what I've done the mayor and the police chief have criticized the decision to drop the charges. Disneyland has some new rules ahead of the opening of its new Star Wars expansion. Disneyland is going smoke free park. Officials say the last designated smoking areas getting replaced with Star Wars galaxies edge. That means now anyone who wants to smoke or vape. We'll have to leave Disney property to do it, including the parks any hotels or Disney's dining and shopping district. Disneyland's also saying goodbye to oversize strollers and wagons and visitors will no longer be allowed to bring ice or dry ice inside. It's theme parks. The new rules. Take effect may. I just a few weeks. Have the galaxy's edge opening on may thirty first Monica Rix, KFI news, one of the attractions as Star Wars. Galaxy edge is expected to draw big crowds. Disneyland says people will have to wait as long as six hours to ride millennium falcon smuggler's run when it first opens. All right. We are gonna head over to cerita stall in the ninety one. This is on the westbound.

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