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You rebels radio presents the two of us. Shorts with. Albert Frederick. High. This is naming lattice. Welcome to the vast shots myself Alba freshdirect he's talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. On its relationship to pray of J. Mental, health emotional wellbeing? And as always, I'd like to a warning these are adult show of the themes will be complex and interesting and maybe at sometimes triggering. Ten the disposition today put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime right. I'm really happy today with my guest because she is Malaika book how I haven't seen in person for A. So. This is just like a real joy of me. With discussing beforehand how you describe yourself and say. This because I thought I better, get it right writer fair to maker a multidisciplinary. But that doesn't really describe Malaika because there's so much more about that become say. What is the thing if you have to think of things that you love? And this little gonNA give a little hint hair if you don't include carnival out be very, very disappointed. Tell me like five things you love that. Make you get off every morning five things I love that. Make me get up every morning so communiqu I am a carnival. So that's like number one in my list of wells. Redon. Books. People. Five. Yeah people. Even. Though I put. So as well music you know creating. soundtracks for what's happening in my life at the moment. So So, I always have a kind of soundtrack. At the moment it's a soundcheck because alters and it's all music. That's kind of all. Is All music that's kind of positive. And I'm also has Mary McCabe Malaika, which you know which is, which is good to have a theme song that someone who has a solo by you so music has while I create theme tunes for Music and. And then just just actually just being rights just creating creating I think. God, what show live just creating music create Inkatha Wall. It's I love about this is that it's a whole thing of creating. We're talking about before the ulcers about creating also site, Chris, beautiful, and special space. And music creates a space like nothing else. You know music creates base memory atmosphere culture music does a million wonderful things I'm won't fascinating. Is the I always have a question at the end of the interview which just been word that people respond to my desk got into its lay people respond to the word and I just hope by some sort of magic the world to be the right word for that person but your word. Which I'm not GonNa ask you now because you've answered there even though it was right at the musicality 'cause I was thinking about your work and how much music that is in your writing. And so I'm GonNa make a big leap pair about link between the musicality in writing that even you know it's lovely to perform any even as a raider even in the comfort of your own home is lovely readout loud because of the musicality and what's the relationship between musicality I'm religion I'm relationship to God or a universal source. That's really interesting because actually I think that's my work is concerned with my work is concerned with. musicality with religion and also with interrogating on Plantar Chrissy and the legacy of Trento crecy. on the Caribbean Diaspora. and one of the ways I think that we actually. Have always been able to express express ourselves is to music and through religion. And one of the continuities of our culture is the fact that we were able to embed practices within religious practices. So my family are very Catholic but also. So in a way, I can't think of Era I. Don't think in terms of you know if someone's if I'm if I'm with someone and they say, oh You know today's anniversary I'd be shocked if I remember some something like that or what date did that happen? I don't think in terms in like that. So someone says what they did. You create kitchen. His poetry kitchen, which is something I created someone says, what date did you start writing? I might not be able to remember that what I remember is the memory what I remember the footsteps of someone coming up the stairs what I remember is the musicality of Roger's voice in my kitchen or in my bedroom teaching people to write So I remember things through music in a way and also I think religious wise I grew up. Catholic. And so grew up in the Caribbean the musicality in the Caribbean in Church with tambourines and the singing in the Catholic Church and then coming over to Britain. I'm going to the Catholic Church over here was so different, the Catholic Church over here there was a coldness through there's an austerity to there's a kind of a clinical needs to the singing. When when you shake people's hands for the body of Christ, you know when you shake hand in the hand of peace which do in the service everyone with hold your hand very limply while in the Caribbean you to go round the whole church shaken everybody's hands and an unsmiling them and looking at them in the eye. So I think so music and so the to me, the music change and the musicality that I think has stayed with me that keeps putting itself into the music into the poetry is a Caribbean musicality. That comes out. So no matter how long I've lived in. Britain. The the musical landscape are also things like when I came over police and thief in the streets was the song that was playing and I came over in one thousand, nine, hundred, September hundred, nineteen one just after the Brixton riots so that at any time I, hear that song I'm instantly reminded some of Linton Kwesi Johnson's music on instantly reminded and take him back to social cultural political landscape. So the land as well as seeing with me through music if I think about women that I'm writing I, see their movement, the fluidity of their movement how they moved their waste how they walk in terms of music or even if I'm thinking about. If I hear someone talk in I most popular I'm going. You know if I, hear somebody I'm going to the DA dum dum dum dum. I can I can go I start kind of almost skorean although I'm told they're scoring the Jamaican. Vernacular or the Guyanese vernacular or I've kind of listening for the musicality to to how to kind of replicate in my work So that's how I think of music as supposed in this way although I can't sing. My Kryptonite as a poet is that I cannot get my head around IAMBIC pentameter untrue. Okay and all of those things I can't score it on the page. I can't get my head around and even though my writing is so embedded in that in musicality. that. That is fascinating because it sought. A missing piece about your work because I know your work we've been workshops together on of I've seen. I've had this. Real tree of saying poems as they become formed but even early drafts of yours still have this movement on dancing quality to it unlike you say it's from. It's from the CARABINERS, lie okay. How begun to survive this but taking this with US wherever we go take it into the Catholic Church and the so called gang from the Catholic Church, in the Caribbean to the Catholic church hair ratzel lymph handshakes everybody very solemn and it's also it's also sorry amid a metaphor going from the Caribbean from a from a sunny vibrant landscape so that charge the two churches are. Metaphors for the whole difference in lifestyle right because you go from this warm beautiful vibrant place to this everything is Brown. The House is the Dullness, the grain of the weather. So in a way through that you can you know it just enabled it just opens up. I. Also Rock sometimes I find myself when I get the words out I'm actually rockets I'm writing sometimes I'm writing you know a lot of the..

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