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Janice does the friend do you, have the money to pay on a. Credit card or anyway and then you? Can sue this woman do you have any way. To pay I don't have much had a long time ago? How long has the. Cap in at the at the shelter wherever at the. Hospital Oh my goodness gracious what are they telling you that the, shelter I mean they're saying come get. To Catterson you can get it if? You pay him the eight hundred bucks right yeah. And I asked him if I can make your payment agreement? Or something like that Alright even go there and working. Out whatever I, had. To do just to get my hat back? And they, wouldn't do, wonders Daphne could appeal. To these people to come on someone was stealing the Caddick God, out. I. Mean what are they gonna do sit there and feed it in incur more costs Normal time if you if you? Dealt? With this before where they they use a, cat Rams usually pay a storage or something they you know they pay daily fees they do they charge Janice I don't, know what to do framing this is crazy problem. I mean what were you hoping we. Would do, go after your friend or what seriously what were you hoping we would do No I was hoping I pay Okay all right here's what. We here's what we. Can do we can try to we can have deputy Daf. Because this is right up. Paralysis she has a big. Tabby good for. Nothing and. It I love. It heaviest cat I've ever hitting it's not a good for. Nothing cat the cat? Does, does what, does it, do actually it's it's it's it's it's. Giant and. It, just sits there it's huge Daphnis heart when I first. Saw that cat. I didn't. Think it was. A cat I thought it was like a sculpture of a, warped body of a? Cat, like Spinks, or, something, with a small head and body hold. On Janice We're going to get. Daphne to make some calls to see if she can appeal to this hospital because look no matter what keeping the cats not getting the money right And so what what would be wrong giving it up and then you make payments or something Let's. See we can go, she ate something see Daphne, listening. In our offices downstairs with deputy Clint. They're hard at work working behind the scenes deputy Clint we'll have some follow ups coming up. So I think that we, can, probably, negotiate, something or. We're going, to try to negotiate something so hang on, three. Zero three seven one three talk. Now listen Eric was bit by a dog will. Add Jim we're going to talk about that we have John Fuller with us from fuller law Three zero three seven one three talk And you know one thing I want to remind people about the the hail damage recently has caused. A, big waiting list all over town now flex Iden because of their multiple locations and how quickly. They can get people in and. Out you will not, have to wait and if you do it's worth it because it's only waiting a few days cloth flex ident because flex ident is. The place we take our, cars, to we know all of them Nick the owner. Has more than twenty five years. Experience they're, all very experienced with painless dent. Repair go there first before anywhere else because, if you can get painless dent repair..

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