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You don't really Bo does this change your perception of? I mean, it's not the first implausible thing. I've ever heard him say. They really don't think that this moon thing happened. This is this is this is one that's out here that the United States. They we go to the moon. Yeah. Yeah. No. This is Cold War propaganda. Reviving we were at the per nNcholas bladder stuff. Now, we're at the Cold War. Not a fun thing. I find to be ridiculous, right? Like do. You think the world is flat? That is indefensible argument that you have there now on this thing about going to the move. I believe that we went to the move. But that is the sort of thing I could see them making up not saying that they did make it up. But are you really putting it past, but they wouldn't make this job getting an economics ph. That is how you know. They will last about stuff man say I've not saying that this was made up. I'm just asking what we need to go. The move forward. I place benefits where they go, admittedly, the answer to that question in historical terms is American exceptionalism, which isn't a great motive to do much. Historically. We got rocks. We got rocks back and a lot. All right. All of that's correct. We have rights those Ross K for the mood. I'm just saying if somebody told me that they didn't come from the moon. I'd hear him out. I want you to be careful though, Mani because the people the astronauts that you're kind of. Say it. I'll believe that. We went to the moon. I'm just saying that is the sort of thing that people lie about, but here's the problem with Steph who is not as nuanced, albeit I still think that's problematic of he is saying stuff that people have confronted people like balls Aldrin about Buzz Aldrin, ov- Apollo eleven. Second man is put on the moon. And I just want to warn him. If you ask algen person about this. This is what it might look like. Swear on the bible walked on the moon, actually. Get here. Four on the bible that you walked on the moon. It doesn't sure I don't have nothing to do with this. Coward and wire and. And you heard that douse the impact a coward a liar and beef and buzz Aldrin's says I was a second person to walk on the moon. But I'm going to be the first punch you right in your face right now, actually at this point could be like I was the first person to walk on the moon. How would you know? How would you know, how could you tell a magic healthier that man is Super Bowl coming up next? Is there another year of the alive? Manning for the giants. There might be the year. I wrote podcast like high news and Bomani and.

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