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James in Texas Jean ground zero. Thanks for listening. Calling. I was wondering. Episode of the outer limits. It was the eighties. I series call. There was an episode called trial under fire. There was a presidential election. Inauguration day, something strange happened on the lunar, the president switched away to a bunker. Well, these events are true to the the theory of the real life is stranger fiction. I'm thinking perhaps the timing of this asteroid cheesy too. Is right in line with some of that storyline. If you're a call there are a lot of things that people people tend to remember certain science fiction stories when stuff like this goes down in the one. I remember was Harry housing's earth versus the flying saucers were everything didn't work, and then they were starting to get signals. And finally, the aliens arrived, and we just retaliate on everything. They were saying, you know, we want to speak to your leadership were look to your son for a warning. They'll be a big sunburst and let you know that something's about to go down. And I don't know if you remember that scene, but they people earth. Attention look to your son for a warning look to your son for a warning after after sunspots and explosions on the sun. You will see our Mata show up and you'll be ready to surrender to us. It was amazing. How they they pulled it off. And of course, we listen to war of the worlds, it's it's about asteroids coming from the from Mars hitting the planet tonight. It's. Shutting down YouTube. If some guy said something hit the moon, and then, of course, the budgets for protecting our our planet ninety million dollars. We got rockets that can't work we got ta telescopes and x Ray telescopes that aren't working something is going on. It's bizarre. It's indeed a strange time to be alive. I can't thank you and run it through enough for reporting on news that actually matters. I appreciate you calling in. And I thank you, James. Thank you so much. That's the James calling in tonight. Let's go to John in Ohio. Hi, John, you're on ground zero. Hey, doing good. I never got home from work tonight. You heard the topic, and I just had a college. No one seen. I go outside on breaks overtime. Always watched the moon stars. Tonight. Looks like Mars or Uber one next to it watching it looked like something left than another star. But it started to move literally from the moon. Look just like a store moving into vanished. I don't know what it was. But after I heard it showed him out. I had to call in and say what I say. Probably get confirmed. What I saw tonight. I had no idea what could have been what I saw of moving. So you saw something moving away from the moon was the heading towards Mars. I mean, there's a red dot in the sky you see the red dot in the sky, right? When you look to the southern sky, right? Yes. Directly across from it. I was about two o'clock from the moon when you say, yes, sir. Yeah. Okay. So the about two o'clock from the moon, you see you see it there. And then you said you saw something pull away from the moon. It looked like something just look like a star or something just took off from the moon. I never said, I don't know. How to explain because I've never seen nothing. Like, I just I felt like this show tonight compartment what I've seen it. Just it. Just it moved away from the move. Yes directly. Yes. Was it just moved there? Look like star thought it was another guy or something. They just. It moved. I know there's a meteor shower area tonight. But it wasn't it wasn't a quick meeting. Like isn't. They're supposed to be a meteoric shower tonight. I heard it was supposed to be one. But last night there wasn't supposed to be one. I don't know. Maybe I usually Janine, and I go to these meteor showers, we go out to rooster rock, and we watch them if we have time we're supposed to be one here in Cincinnati tonight..

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