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Home order details from Cobo's Jeff Poe July measures in Franklin County poem to Pasco and a good portion of the tri cities have voted to defy the stay at home order and allow businesses to re open the move comes after conservative state lawmaker Brad Clifford claims he found a law that makes the governor's order invalid after thirty days did we call a special session and that we take back some of the the out of control measures the and equal measures that the government the governor has passed and that we the legislature say this will not I say again this must not go on past may fourth that's clipper talking with our news partner KO NA but Franklin county's move is not without its critics even in Republican circles equally conservative can attest county home to Ellensburg released a statement effectively saying that no county has the authority to overrule the governor meanwhile governor Inslee's office says Franklin county's move is illegal Jeff posible como news in Franklin County commissioner Clint did here says he personally plans to sue the governor over the stay at home order some Republican state lawmakers wanna hold a special session to deal with the coronavirus representative Jesse youngsters measures taken to prevent the spread of covert nineteen he'd have a legislative support guarantees recognizes because its solutions of these offerings will not work if people do not choose to abide by them getting this back in there to start crafting real solutions is the key to everything working and not falling apart the movement for special session does seem to have much support just yet Republican leaders warned involved in the announcement nor were any Democrats governor Inslee's office has not commented thousands of Washingtonians say the website to file for unemployment is running so slow it's taking people hours to apply many of them are worried they won't receive their benefits because Nick problem took these concerns to commissioners Suzi Levine of the employment security department fine said she understands the frustrations of the thousands waiting to get through on their website and says the department is working to fix performance issues to improve the amount of applicants the site can handle at a time that being said folks still aren't getting through and phone lines are so busy that people are trying to hundred to three hundred times in one day and still aren't getting a response.

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