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The best vehicles that we have had the chance to drive and evaluate and John Vincent is here from US news and World Report along with truck girl Jan and we are talking about the S. U. V. category which now of course is the biggest category in car purchasing listed and still make up a good sized chunk of the segment SUVs where the money is absolutely yes they make a lot of money off a few reasons Americans love their issue vis there is too big divisions about S. U. V. is there is the S. U. V. which is a true SCV which is probably based on the truck platform all has remnants of a truck platform and that's what we would call the original sport utility vehicle then there is the modern cross of which is really started its life as a sedan now has been raised and as had the chassis beefed up some to do slightly different things and as the trend in call liking changes so does the engineering but understanding they still think some companies eight years to work through a car and work out exactly how it's gonna look how it's going to be and new because like for to try to get that down to two years there at about four years right now so if I go into a design center of Ford and say and in engineering since a design me a new mid size SUV they start today they could have it on the streets in four years time which is pretty incredible part of the you just change the bad doesn't have it yeah which sometimes in them knows no fingerpointing afford but sometimes people have done and maybe still do so you'd be looking at the top five picks for S. U. V. this year and you know being with highly from US news and World Report it's pretty predictable what's at least in your one to three but we look at very practical buying reasons when we make our rankings and reviews and yeah so what what goes into a give give us a sort of a flavor of what you would look at so our reviews are based off the consensus opinion of America's top automotive journalists Kay plus quantitative data on predicted reliability safety and a number of other factors all right so we come up with rankings for every vehicle every major vehicle in the marketplace and is if you go to your issues US news and World Report you can see those rankings presumably yes you can see the rankings for new cars and used cars going back almost ten years all right so let's talk about you have the top five here that you've picked out that were around last year the twenty twenty Honda CRV is in your number five spot that is the most predictable one I could imagine it's just a rock solid vehicle rate does everything that most consumers want across over today and finally coming out with a hybrid this year as well finally coming out with a hybrid which will certainly be well accepted the marketplace yeah I store it at the San Diego order show over the new year and it looks great I mean this is not not a massive change some some technology update say in a few tweaks here and there but it's exactly what you'd expect from Honda plodding along in a solid direction on the solid line with solid results exactly it's definitely even now but a lot of people like vanilla now all talking about a segment that that mid size crossover is I guess is a compact crossover to getting a quick break when we come.

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