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So the headline. Actually, if you clicked on the next says, isn't his New York Knicks coach Tom to the dough too tough for the toughest job in sports and again because you just have You know, it's not like the old school stuff fish when you and I are growing up where, When the coach told you what to do. You did it If you didn't You weren't part of the organization now with social media. Everything. Yeah, Things were brought out in the light. There's a lot of things that have changed and look some for the better. I do have a problem when the coaches Choking out a player. I'll Bobby Knight on Neil Reed. Look, I thought Bobby Knight was a great coach. There's no question, but he lost his mind. A couple of times. There's many other coaches or whether you go back to the Woody Hayes or cush over there in Arizona state hitting players on the field. Yeah, there's people that are going to lose it. Sometimes. Mike Rice over there for Rutgers. We mentioned them just some of the stuff that went on there. Look, there's one thing. Being coaching and even being somebody that lays the law down and your players understand it, But when you get into, you know, craziness and two were punishments or so extreme, the ridiculous you know, I don't go for that. So I'm glad some of that stuff has come out into the limelight. Thibodeau, NBA wise Renard. I want to get your take You and fish both. What can you do when half these guys are making more money than you? I mean, you've got to find some type of cohesiveness without Taking him off, so to speak, and keeping an eye stem Astri in the locker room. Yeah, You're right. And part of the problem will become, for instance, the buttons. You're doing such a great job in Milwaukee. But if you're honest decides that he wants someone else to coach, but he was gone. It's going to be the same way. You know if if LeBron didn't want Frank Vogel to be the head coach of the Lakers right now, despite winning the championship, Vogel wouldn't be the head coach of the Lakers right now, And that's the one thing about it. I don't like it happened rarely back in the day, but it did happen. Obviously, Magic Johnson got Paul West had fired The White Sari Whitehead fired from the Lakers job, but it didn't happen that often. Now the players have so much power because there's so much money involved, and that to be becomes an issue. I mean, the only reason why Tyler, who is the head coach of the Clippers, is because that's what Kawai and Paul George wanted. And a lot of it is now we'll go to the next one. Those They've never won anything. Those kids haven't wanted things. So I think, Thibodeau and and manage. Make will kind of be like, Look this way. We're gonna do it. You have one thing doing it your way, So I mean, we're going to do it this way. Um A lot of teams now. If you're not winning if you're not help me when I'm not really listening to you, if you like this coach needs to be fired. You know, it was one of those will just get you out of here was trained you well, just seen you, um it Jimmy Butler thing in Minnesota. I mean, it was we'll just get you out of here by. It's hard, no word used in there and get him out of there. I don't know where he's gonna go for it. I think he's just there for two years. Don't try and get him out of there. But I just I like I like I like players who will show up, do their job. Try and win and not be a headache. Just just do your job, And that's to be honest. That's what I like about this Knicks roster. I'm looking at it, and they're young enough that they could be molded Net regard. They have a good base now with R. J. Barrett Madobe toppings. I think I'll be topping is gonna be a huge, uh, asset to that team. You have a guy like Nerlens Noel, who's the center? Who knows what his limitations are? And these guys I think are willing to listen. This next team may not be great this year, but they're closer to being a great team that they have been in a long time because they're taking steps in that direction with roster that they have There you go. All right, so guys, let's go back and who's gonna let's go to the Eastern Conference the Bucks by clamping down there, as far as John is giving him that major extension That's huge for their future, And I gotta applaud John. It's It's a It's a minor market team. You know Milwaukee. It's not l A. It's not New York. It's you know, not even in Cali, not going over there. Cady joining up with curry and company. I mean, he's trying to win something. He likes Milwaukee. He likes the state of Wisconsin. He enjoys the people there, and I applaud him there. What do they have to do? Bernard Barnes, the Milwaukee Bucks as far as moving forward, they change some pieces. It was Johannes and Middleton. But they've added now, and it's big time for them to get somebody like drew holiday over there. That's a that's a huge win for him. Because for the bucks, you get someone that can handle the ball. You get someone that can create their own offense and create for you. There really wasn't anyone that could create free, honest. I mean, you had Eric Bledsoe, but Eric Bledsoe to me is is an average MBA point guard in terms of creating offense..

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