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Relationships can subscribe for the best weekly nba content. These two are capable of. What does that mean could be. The best duo. I don't see how you can beat that. They are mannix. And howard that big news in the boston area on wednesday danny aines stepping down as the celtics president of basketball operations after eighteen years on the job there brad stevens said coach has been tapped to replace him and a coaching search will begin in boston immediately. Lot of layers to peel back on this no better person to peel them back with ryan mcdonagh. The former celtics assistant general manager he worked with danny ainge for ten years does daily podcast. Now as well with odyssey ryan. What's up man. Thanks for joining me. Chris always great to beyond with you and eventful day in new england. I wish it would start a little later. Because i was on my first coffee in the morning when the news broke out here on the west coast but Certainly something that. It wasn't a complete shock with danny ainge stepping down today. But i think everything else that went into it especially with the brad stevens promotion or changing roles. It was a wild day in new england. And i'm sure we'll continue to talk about and coaching search for for a while here going forward so let's peel back a few of these layers one at a time. You said not a huge shock. And i agree with you. This says ben in the water supply for few months. Now me anyway talk danny ainge has been the talk of nba executive text messages or phone calls that you have with people all the time. There was an expectation that he would be out on his own accord at the end of the season. So i guess your reaction having worked with him to him stepping down and his explanation as to why stepped down which included issues with his health. I think it all makes sense chris. I was in the celtics front office from two thousand and three to two thousand thirteen. A little bit over a decade danny ainge has actually hired a few months. After i was i was one of the first hired by wick grass back and steve pagliuca after they bought the team and entry level guy in the video room on the scouting side and then danny ainge hired about three months. Later we developed a great relationship right away worked together offer a decade. And i bring that up just because to do that job for eighteen years chris especially in that market. It's grind. it really is the obviously. The team had a lot of success. There one of the most successful franchises in the league over that time period Last six years. I was there. We went to the place every year. Three conference finals to nba finals in two thousand eight. Two thousand ten and then the championship in. Oh eight They've since gone to three more eastern conference finals. And i bring that up because the job was always hard..

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