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Now five months. That she and I had no working together. Defense Secretary James Mattis, calling her a tremendous asset, but wouldn't comment on whether he knew about her resignation ahead of today's announcement with the acrimonious and deeply partisan debate over his nomination. Now behind him Justice. Brett Cavanaugh took his seat at the far end of the bench Tuesday morning with his wife and daughters in the courtroom cavenaugh began his tenure on the high court hearing cases, dealing with matters of robbery and burglary. The eye of hurricane Michael is getting stronger as it swirls northward over the Gulf of Mexico today. President Trump declared a state of emergency in Florida, clearing the way for federal assistance to help state and local efforts. Those are your political insights. I'm Emily row. ABC news, Washington. The bookseller Barnes and noble says there's been a huge spike in sales of political books this year, and you can learn something by looking at the map of who's buying what where ABC's Scott Goldberg reports titles like fear and fire and fury have stoked to the sales of political books up. Fifty seven percent compared to last. Year at Barnes and noble, and the bookseller says in states that voted for Hillary Clinton customers are more likely to buy books. Not so flattering if President Trump in red states, it's the opposite. But there are some notable exceptions, Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire went for Clinton in two thousand sixteen and now customers there are more likely to buy pro-trump books, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the other hand went for Trump. But the most popular books sold in those states now are critical of him. Scott Goldberg ABC news. Democratic Representative Pramilla giant Paul's trying to organize progressive Democrats in congress. She's a leader of the new congressional progressive caucus center, which is hoping for a big night in the upcoming elections. Buzzfeed says the group will try to lead Democrats in a more liberal leaning direction. President Trump is hoping to keep a Republican majority in the House Democratic takeover of.

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