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I don't think this was any surprise leaders in the small oc city of los alamitos have voted to exempt the city from california's sanctuary state law the city council voted last night four to one in favor of los alameda auditing out this manto ktla it's not a matter of immigration or race you know we have walked through our doors regards on our houses so we know who comes in and we have jails to keep the bad guys in there at the feds know something and want to communicate and coordinate with local they should be able to jerry brown doesn't want that to happen now the new city ordinance says that state law barring cooperation with the feds could be a violation of the city council members oaths to uphold the us constitution the aclu is threatening a legal challenge another public meeting is planned for next month in los alamitos before the new ordinance actually takes effect well some la county public defenders have charged their boss with having a conflict of interest wti public defender tiffany black now says the interim head of the public defenders office nicole tinkham lacks criminal law experience also her history with defending law enforcement claims of misconduct was very problematic for us and blackmail says tinkham should declare which officer she's represented or resign really rely on us and we need to develop that trust is a huge part of our work is already repairing the bad pr that we have with the community this just exacerbates that county board of supervisors says tinkham is abeille leading with grace and dedication in downtown la chris ancarlo kfi news can you imagine how awkward it is inside that workplace right now you put your your boss up on charges like that that's not a fun day at the office well the weinstein company has officially filed for bankruptcy accompany already has signed up to buy out the company's assets one of the largest creditors that was listed on the chapter eleven paperwork is a law firm that helped to arrange legal settlements for the women who were allegedly mistreated by harvey weinstein the company has agreed to release those accusers from their nondisclosure agreements they can talk now the big company the newspaper company trunk that's the one that recently sold the la times it's replacing its chairman but downplaying claims of sexual misconduct chonkin announced michael pharaohs retirement yesterday just before fortune magazine published to women's claims of unwanted sexual.

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