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On the show in the building to talk some NBA trades to talk to his number one boy. It is Matthew penny, what up Ben? How are we? We're good. It's been a crazy morning, crazy afternoon for you. I'm working on my levels here. I know you saw the interactions on Twitter that my voice doesn't align to my body and it was compared to Jim halpert from the office. Toby from this is us and Braun Strowman from pro wrestling fame. A couple new ones in there for me. I've got the, I've gotten the gym for the office, the John Krasinski, once in a while, he's like the Coca-Cola and I'm like the RC Cola version of that. And he actually grew up down the street from where I'm recording. But the other ones were new ones. I'm just trying to be a little bit less self conscious here and empower through and talk trades, which is a little out of my comfort zone, but we're prepared. We do the best we can. We're ready. Matt penny is nothing if he's not always prepared. And I told him last night like, hey, you know, just let's talk trades in the morning. Just do a little bit of prep. And you'll be ready and he's always ready and now now was he ready for the kings to totally break my brain? No, he wasn't. Because to be fair, was anyone. Was the NBA? I mean, the reports coming out like hold on, wait a minute, like we didn't even know this was a possibility, and now he's a pacer. Yeah, well, just literally just like you're calling me being like, if we would have known tires, Halliburton was available like what's going on? Okay, let's just let's settle this and let's start start ripping videos for the YouTube page essentially. We're gonna go one and order, right? We're gonna go tyrese Halliburton for demonic sabonis. We're gonna go see Jim McCollum to the pelicans. We're gonna go Karis levert to the calves. And then we're gonna talk grin..

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