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Fourth in the race should get a great trip from the outside post. And you know whatever's going on with Peter Miller and it's all positive of you've been batting him I look at. There's another worst I love in this race. Six to one mo Jo man should a one. Last time I picked day was almost nine to one. He rushed up with the real. He was in tight. He had to take back off the leader into the pocket. He was talking the whole time. Anxious HE CUT. The rail late was gained to the wire and he lost the do share. Who is a graded stakes caliber? Sprinter who rallied from the clouds third race off of the layoff six to one in the morning line just needs a little bit of racing. I do see a lot of speed in here. This is the worst that can Rate three or four five lengths off the pace and come running Again you know if I want to get a little bit Q. And maybe single this horse in spread crazy around him. You know you. You're right on something like this and a pays fourteen dollars into catch a few other prices. Not not the worst way in the world to approach and either no done deal intrigues me. Five to one so not one of those true separators but little nervous You you mentioned this already. A one at keeneland you go to back Speed and fade Never actually made the lead at Churchill and it does seem like the the keeneland runners who've performed well not here at Churchill so haven't fully decided yet what to do done deal but obviously fits this group on the same level at Keeneland a few weeks ago. Yeah I mean you think. Maybe telekinesis speed fresh. I raise for Jackson from the rail. I mean do they just go and hope for the best? And then you've got cured on the outside has got pressing type speed to although he's capable of sitting a little bit off of it. I mean if they lead done done deal. He's going to be dangerous. I think he's the speed of the speed. I'm just hoping for a little bit of pace pressure again. It's a it's a seven furlong race which I kind of changes the complexion of it a little bit. Yeah that There's this amount shipper Stuck to five and a half six which is just the nature of he runs But by Malibu Moon out of Bernstein mayor I'd have to think stretching out won't be an issue in the numbers say he's competitive as well Might like them a little more if they were able to get a local. Jackie interested but Most we'll see how far I can stretch. But he would be one at ten to one that has the look of south of maybe a separator Which gets us to the last and certainly things. Don't get easier here Joe. We will look at this as if it's on turf Nine furlong maiden race The two morning line favorites are combined Ofer Sixteen lifetime. We have three first-time starters first time North America for Rudy Where you're going I call on Rudy like you guys are on a first name basis or something and one of my favorite things you do. Joe. Yeah I know. I don't think anybody else calls them. Rudy. Yeah see see. If you get some trainer Bob Trainer Body language Info down on the paddock on this one. Because it's it's wide open. It's not going to help us pick five purposes. But I just got a feeling Ramsey solution probably is cut out to be a nice worse. It's the horse's by real solution. New One Arlington million shots ten. Sarah Ramsey Stan this horse. Obviously they want to try to improve stallion value. I don't think they would name Horse Ramsey solution if the horse didn't have some talent and the horse gap bat down to five to one on debut. All chance at the start lost eight length at the Ray Brandt evenly thereafter three workout. Since for Wesley. Ward you gotta think of this is gonNA improve significantly first time. I reported as a gelding so that horses a little bit sneaky attend to one the number ten Alexander Hamilton for a quarter of a million dollar by. He's proven that he's been really good with these. Young horses has to try to work a trip from the extreme outside post but that horse could be a little bit sneaky as well and then a couple of the other ones. I like are actually on the also eligible list. That attorney Tim who comes from a really good family seem to wake up. Last time for Greg fully and then King of fortune the other maker putting blinkers on for the first time in the third career. Start that one has the right to improve as well. So scratches will be a big thing for me in this race to see who's in and who's out and obviously that nine for long distance is an equalizer for some of these horses to attorney. Tim is definitely one. I'd be keen to see dry in Kind of attracted me as well You know otherwise I'm trying not to really get married in any direction because I do more than any other. Race scratches On the swimming it stays on the turf is is really going to be essential and I have not seen any workout reports yet Which is certainly going to be part of the equation with Dermott for Brendon. Walsh to I remember in the summer. Beat me with the first time starter on turf in the last race and then for set has the North American horse and Cassie with Alexander Hamilton. Up based on our discussion it does not sound like you have a single set fair to say Unless like we said earlier you know there. Can you find like a two to one last horse in the sequence that you could say madness? I'M GONNA turn this pick five into a pig four. 'cause I sure can't yeah I mean like I said if I build a couple of different tickets and single Mojo man on one maybe single carte blanche on the other and hope that I'm right about one of those two horses you know. You mentioned the workout reports to everybody interprets information differently. You know whether you're using the sheets or thorough manager numbers or the Brits numbers or a combination of all of them everybody interprets the numbers a little bit differently as far as the workout reports. Go Man I don't really care that much about sturt workouts for turf horses. I think if you see positive words it can only be a positive sign but divisive negative work on on dirt for horse. That's on turf. I mean we own we own a turf only horse and we know that he doesn't work while I'm dirt. But we know that he runs well on turf so be careful getting caught natura and then horses that gold. Nine furlongs like. I'M NOT REALLY WORRIED. About how fast they went in there. Half-mile workout right. So that's another thing just off topic but something that I think if you're using the workout reports which you should I mean we see Brandon Szabo on the air all the time. He comes up with horses that I can't get to two days in advance because I don't have the workout reports but he watches train every morning. And you know he's pop five six to one shots that I can't get to today's advance but if you're handicapping betting the races whether it's Bruno's report Brandon's report a combination of both or anybody else's report I think that's important having a good investment and I think one thing you mentioned you do that. I thought was a great idea Need to start incorporating myself You know as you mark down the thoughts of the Lakers whose information you look at and you can go back to it and say oh less time the source got positive or negative and compare it to this time and maybe they're going in the right direction or maybe it's the wrong direction or maybe they always work bad and it's not indicative of what you see in the afternoon so really knowing that these horses are individuals and finding those patterns for the Horse I think It's definitely a part of unlocking the real power those reports rather than just popping in the day of and okay good workout. That's enough for me. Which at the right price. Maybe it is enough but typically it's helpful to have some context. None of the stuff that I'm doing is helping me this meat but I'm going to Yeah Yeah you just know the again. If a horse's training well Churchill and then went back to Keelan. And didn't Ron wellman comes back to Churchill. You're going to get a better price because of that. So you know it's worth paying attention to because these angles aren't always going to work but the more bags you having your the more clubs you have in your bag the better chance. You're going to have the connect the DOS. And that's why we're having this discussion today. All right well last question and probably don't know the top of your head so think about talk about it on the air gap Leo and Landry are the only two jockeys as of now have them out in every race of the pick five And my handicapping says Tyler's more likely to win more races and the pick five Mr November after all but Florante Real. I mean I think that's flown under the radar a little bit. Since he came back from the broken sternum. He's been he's been on real. I mean I don't know how you come back from a broken sternum and the cold weather and ride as well as he is. I mean I thought that was supposed to be a six-week injury you know. He almost made the Breeders Cup. I'm like I wouldn't ridden them on my horses and the Breeders Cup After that. Kinda injury but man. He's writing great. So yes yeah. Another rider pay attention to for sure But yeah I mean I know I got cory pegged at least once or twice in the sequence and I know I got tyler prominent too so you know one of these days. There's going to be an opportunity to bet these kind of had. No we both loved the jockey. Wager at Kentucky downs and hope that there's some sort of Similar wager in the future with you. Know all the different kinds of betting. We're going to have with sports wagering coming in those kind of props I mean are fun. So hopefully there'll be a day at time in a place in the near future where we can actually bet on something like that. Love it. All right well That's down the road and be good fodder for this podcast for sure Appreciate the time Joe. Looking forward to bind into your ticket on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to having you back in the paddock. Doing your thing. So Yeah I'll see you tomorrow all right. Thank you Joe Joe Christopher everyone. Joey. Decay racing on twitter Definitely a good fallow no matter what but certainly over the next twenty four hours or as you're reading this through Wednesday afternoon is we discussed handicap and hopefully hit this pick five at Churchill downs against it starts rate six Wednesday three thirty six. Pm Eastern. Is I post encourage you to wager on twin spires? If you won't be at the track and we'll put links in the description but it has free past performances for the entire card so what we said isn't good enough for you you WANNA complemented with some of your own. Research can do it free at personnel. Thanks for listening. This has been that. How bad horse racing? How about horseracing podcast?.

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