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All on plaques in came across elber bender also called chief he was uh uh native american from minnesota and um i son matt said why don't you book on uh albert bender chief spender so looked into it found that uh there'd been a couple of several good books ahead rv just recently in two thousand eight come out on uh a chief defender albert bender so uh decided now and so begin to look around see what other uh native americans stars they're really good excellent a star quality players from their early years of baseball the what we call the dead ball era between 1919 twenty have not been adequately uh percentage of the public so didn't take on defying done john tortoise york yes uh myers m e y u r s john tortoise myers played i don't wanna with it john mcgraw hunting the best and paying this any of years of all the time he was the catch john myers uh india he always preferred to be called uh uh john myers uh like let's say they are americans all all were labelled chief but uh they didn't like it it was not it was it's which origins back on just really pejorative uh but uh he he was just a catchword cut christie uh as you sent three years stayed with giants will i'm sure we'll get into this but so that's where i came from so i said i'm gonna i'm gonna see what i can do with monetary so i i was able to contact his his relatives she didn't have any children that we know of uh but he had grant and nephew couple grand nieces that i contacted and right off the bat they told me about uh the fact that he had pride in his native american heritage and we're up for some of its early years uh on the santa rosa reservation and so so the southern california he's myers is a member of the coup we uh uh nation a c a h u i l.

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