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Anyway let's talk taco topics tim era do you have any idea of tough who tagar tips a reserve is that a red herring stock timman tom's top10 taco tips here if we could do it right now let's do it live to do it live uh go back to my bill o'reilly ask you're becoming more o'reilly okay will do it live team gave this is a way you um tom number ten aeneas how always have our needs out it yeah but how is that at 10 what do you mean over these not in the top ten taco tips but these aren't necessarily numerical now i mean it i put a number next to attend for the un but it higher tom these are in no particular order do we not say an hour i'm overly illu order okay tim tom stopped him taco tips top10 topped m wait it's been ten this all arm yeah seven eight nine tell them no did you think tam the like tam liked tim now i'd when i was him eleven well it's horrible when i was a kid you know the the trademark t am i thought that men tom i had these uh 'pacman sheets that that said 'pacman t m and i thought by go this is nice my parents got these employed or for me and the pack manned look nothing like pacman i add to this day i have this burned in my in my head at how they got 'pacman so wrong.

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