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We've bought a mountain number theories. And our motto Nissan's a ton of titans and Oceana Pacifica's and a sea of siennas not to mention a few. Hello cats and a couple of tornadoes. So no matter what you're selling car Max's by and we'll buy your car, even if you don't buy ours carmax, we buy all the cars. The biggest stories on the south coast from the WBZ newsroom, here's Tim Weisberg. This is WBZ news. Thirty two degrees and partly cloudy atop man faces charges after smashing a display case. It's stealing jewelry from a store the Dartmouth mall. Dartmouth police responded to an armed robbery at jewelry expressing the Dartmouth ball Monday night. Witnesses told police that the suspect had used a hammer to smash a glass display, case and soul. Assorted jewelry before fleeing. The jewelry had an estimated value of eighty seven thousand dollars. Police were able to obtain the suspects license plate number at zoo. Located both him and the vehicle the lakeville police arrested, the suspect thirty year old drew Beck of Taunton. He faces numerous charges. Former mayor Jason Korea says he's ending the so-called pay as you throw trash collection program in the city. Many city residents have expressed frustration with the programs started in two thousand fourteen and a news conference Tuesday career admitted that ending the program was a political move, but says it will benefit every resident in the city of Fall River Korea faces a recall election next month. He's been charged by federal prosecutors with wire fraud and has pleaded not guilty. The civil suit filed by Kentucky Senator rand Paul against a former New Bedford man is now in its third day at trial. Senator Paul his neighbor Rene Boucher at Bedford high school graduate after Boucher physically attack, Paul on his front lawn and November of two thousand seventeen Boucher was tried in federal court sentenced to thirty days in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine and day two of these civil trial yesterday Boucher again, expressed remorse for his actions. What I did was wrong. I'm sorry. I did it. And at that time. Federal court. I apologize. The Senator pollen his wife. Once again, I apologize again. And I am sorry for what I did the attack. Love Senator Paul several broken ribs, a damage lung and chronic pain Bush said the day before the incident he had douse the brushfire property line left by Senator Paul with gasoline had set it on fire. The pile exploded burning Bush as face neck and arms Boucher said he was still in severe pain the next day when he spear tackle Senator Paul policy can go up to one point five billion dollars damages. News time now is five oh, five WBZ sports, the Celtics and Hornets tonight at TD garden, the Bruins hosts the flyers tomorrow..

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