The House, Joe Casey, The Deal discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


And with another shortterm fix but some in the house the conservative house freedom caucus have expressed concerns up for the measure potentially creating a roadblock for this bill and the short term spending plan does not address democrats demands for a legislative fix to protect sihaan to protect young undocumented immigrants potentially further complicating negotiations to keep the government up and running joe casey so what's the possibility that members of the house freedom caucus would take the bait and vote the increase a to keep the government open even for a month does it look like this is going to do do the deal and if it does what's going to happen in the senate would they go along with that plan i think there's still a tire up to walk in house joe there were some early or some indications late last night that there is a significant discontent in the freedom caucus about this plan and i know mark meadows was talking through the weekend with his members to try to figure out if they were going to take a stand here but the challenges i mean you hit it squarely the incentives in the house are completely different than the incentives in the senate and i think that's why you're hearing a sort of louder conversation about the possibility of a government shutdown because you know paul ryan is really gonna have to do this with just two hundred eighteen republican votes he's written a bill that i i find it hard to believe that senate democrats would be willing to go along with ending these obamacare revenue sources as part of a a quote unquote continuing resolution that's just sort of.

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