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Caltrans is close several more passes through the Sierra Nevada for the winter because of accumulating snow the closures affects Sonora pass on highway one oh eight monitor pass on highway eighty nine and events pass on highway for a winter closure fight for Toyota pass on highway one twenty was put in place last week this winter keep your car running where the presto anti freeze only press down superior formula works immediately protecting your engine from the elements to keep your engine running better so choose pressed down today I was shopping time on KGO a tense sponsored by T. mobile and heather is starting in Silicon Valley he works for the South Bay from the top not about a traffic test the one in Sunnyvale is the worst south on eighty five just after come in or out traffic jamming up from one a one is that block plane to for quite some time and then southbound one oh one at traffic is heavy from the Lawrence expressway to the Guadalupe parkway in the middle of all that you'll still find an accident at the great America parkway heavy traffic for downtown Oakland or well all of it in both directions of eight eighty south eighty four Helgenberger there's an accident traffic backing up through downtown and now there's an injury wracked north eighty eighty four ninety eighth Avenue traffic extremely heavy from before Davis street in San Leandro infer Fairfield still have a traffic alert with an accident this is a semi on its side west Mounties jammed up from before air base parkway to just pass that Travis Boulevard out of San Francisco north one on one second up from Cesar Chavez to the bay bridge with data and texting included in over two hundred countries and destinations T. mobile for business keeps you connected at the corner coffee shop or cafe halfway around the world business is changing are you with them visit T. mobile dot com slash business spotty showers tomorrow scattered showers on Wednesday with a chance of rain on Thursday than another storm system moves in on Friday high winds and the roadway flooding possible rainy breezy Saturday with a mix of clouds and sun on this is the Ron Owens report on KGO eight ten voice of reason for forty four years and a member of the national.

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