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A five pack through Renton we went to Seattle or limit to bell B. those times are coming down a little bit now both of them right around thirty six minutes our next couple traffic at seven forty four look at the weather here's their ends on of the couple forecasting hi stay low to mid seventies yes some strictly spots outside this morning to watch out for what for the afternoon will dry things out some sun breaks the wrap up today tomorrow mostly cloudy meeting some sun but clouds morning certainly revealing afternoon sunshine and then Saturday and Sunday better chance of sunshine temperatures hovering in the mid seventies a couple spots in the cell some region the upper seventies in the come with the centers on companies it's cloudy and fifty seven in downtown Seattle right now a newly released forecast indicates our fall season in western Washington may be warmer than usual comma meteorologist Abby Oconee says instead of highs in the seventies and early September we could reach the eighties some days just one example of the warmer than average whether that's possible this fall typically the wettest months of the year here in western Washington are November December and January enjoy your sunshine this time of year while we have it the sky is usually start getting darker during the last week of October with the peak of dark season in mid December that's due to lower sun angles the jet stream moving overhead and lots of storm systems blasting through the state now meteorologist look at three primary factors when creating a ninety day forecast first sea surface temperatures second decade long trends and Leslie long range forecast models the science of forecasting is complicated especially this far out in western Washington having two mountain ranges makes it even tougher dance because forecast models have a hard time the county for the elevation and micro climates later this morning king county flood control district is set to break ground on what it says is its largest project to date it's a fifty two million dollar investment in what's called the lower Russell levy set back on the Green River and can't once finished the county says the one point four mile long levy will replace an old one that doesn't meet current standards this is expected to improve event Doran's landing park in Kent if you have an appointment or plan to visit someone in a Swedish medical facility around the Puget Sound area later this morning.

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