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Be behind. You know are you. you're mcadam. I'm having a rough one. I didn't when all in the whole trade happened. I didn't do anything with my team. Because you know obviously actual things going on but But in that kind of scrutiny. One week i got like one. We didn't do it. I i got like forty one points in this totally. Just wasn't great. But i'm so i'm so like three hundred. I'm i think i'm let me look. I think might be three hundred two. And it gives me that i'm pumped about my team in your pulling wildcard and we're like thirty things apart and again i'm i'm real five under that you keep your team to get full blown panic mode at real five. I'm it's from here. i've got some. You should see my team right now is fuck already so you get your card. You haven't always terrible. You've had a bad week this week and you used your car already. Having fifty two just fifty seven is that bad after a while card not best two weeks eddie. Wild two weeks ago. I had a great wind had a great week after wildcard. Okay was my team. Now is steps gusting. I can't wait to hack into your account and steal all. I'll tell you exactly. Look i got both mkaku enron. Yikes yuck i was at mathematics. I'm gonna. I'm gonna get ranaldo right now in your face although i also have solid. How do you your work layers. You no look. I'll read your my team. Go read it right now. Where i'm at currently So i have my my my keepers. I'd i had never painted keeper. This my wofford. Cheaper my guy. Maybe that's my keeper. I have a. I have k- duffy who's been Duffy from brighton. My defense who's been The highest goal threat of any defender in the entire primarily. This is a start. I have obviously. Ta trent karen tierney. And then you just got to. I also have liver mental from southampton super cheap. He's my he's my one player in winning this shit that i have. I have just like a the cheapest possible defender just to save money by is demari gray. Sala rufina and try oric okay. Lemme rufina and try. Harry's upcoming schedule rufina schedule had a new cast all ravine newcastle west ham watered southampton wolves and norwich. Yeah and he's a bag one every other one. Every other one try race schedule coming up is even easier brentford southampton newcastle villa. -letes going to get him right now. Oh then even even after that it goes Everton palace west ham norge. They don't play a big six for a long time is trailer listed a striker. No he's he's a midfielder now. God that's the easiest decision of all time easiest decision my strike and then i just have a another the cheapest possible midfielder and then i've got lukaku rinaldo immunise i am. I am literally scrolling right now to find Myself as he's only six he's sticks million ravinus six and a half demari greater is who's who scored three straight game weeks is five point seven especially the dc l. out. I don't understand this this primary decision. thing all tamara as the only good clear if not taking dwight mcneil out because fucked right mcneil this week. I love me some dortmund. Because he gets every free-kick assist for burnley. He mcneil's good player on a bad team. He needs to get out of their ten shutouts. People were actually kick the hell out of me. So redeem fc by bright amasau just scored ninety two points in game week four. So i'm opening their squad. And it has wildcard rider any points that means they just play the wildcard. I assume they just. They just played it while they they did a good job. They have legal mental. Do they have roddy they will do. And they scored ninety two points matt. not too shabby redeem. Fc bright amazon. They are in. I suject yourself. Who is in first last time. Alex simeon is in second third is arson vendors endgame. Jasper suda in the. We got a couple of fourth mill house f. c. jamie date davidson in over the hill. Jake tarantino. let's a top five right now My god to even get down to my team going squirrel through five. It's just. I'm so bent this game. All right let's move on to Rest of the world right. Yes rest of world so interesting days in some of our you know some of the teams that we follow quite closely as americans over in the rest of the world continent if you will you may end are both having a tough go of it lately. So you venter's. They did win. Their champions league game today convince they Before then they got beat by napoli this this past weekend. They lost amply weekend Two weekends before that for the international break in drew with food and beat atlanta. So he did did one game this season but it's been a tough start to season for euros. A friendly was it narrow. Two one duck so navy was The only point in the league. Losing a kula bali header who is shockingly still in appalachia those of you keeping score at home The man who supposed to have left five thousand times. Yeah napoli pretty fucking good. I don't think that any of those players are lacking form after the euro. So i can see that game happening. napoli's three wins three games. So that it's not like that's terrible loss especially at napoli but still you know thirty one point from three games for you in the league is probably a bit concerning Lose anyone this summer yet. They lose anybody significant. It's gonna take a while. Ball is not the same guy he was before renaldo candidate left print. That way can't lead a team with tough lake is as good as ronnie is. You know he's both a player or a personality and he's a magnet any goals. You can't just take somebody like that off the team. Like last minute Balance right back. So yeah you know it's it's tough but So you've a tough start same thing for light sick which is obviously again another team that the americans are watching relatively closely given jesse mars tyler adams came clark is heading there in january in their starts in the season so far has been lost to was the minds game. Yeah mine's mind to their first games. They lost the mines. They did beat stood guard. Lost a wolfsburg lost buyer so first of all that's tough schedule to At least will fool for again byron back back environ rated them over. I saw some headline like why byron feels good about this season. 'cause you stole fucking the three. Most influential p watched them play. Today against ursula mcconnell might be in the conversation for top five center bash in the world right now. He's very good. I don't know if i've seen him enough to live high. He's grossed for being twenty two. it's disgusting. I did watch that game today. Though at least massive. It's so weird watching barsa liked. Just be absolutely manhandled like it's just strange living so precipitous sto clearly coming well given the way things have been going last couple years and then losing messy. Obviously the writing was on the wall but man. It's still still weird to watch. The team is in a transitional phase. Right now so they are in but the problem is that like more came in you know. They have high expectations It'll take probably a little little time. But the all the twitter haters already out in force talking about. Oh well this is what happens when you get an american coach. Shit like that always from twitter for android users of course per usual So interesting weekend champions league. We just got done. We've talked about young boys and united. We talked about barcelona. Byerly indirectly byron. Just got you know. They just absolutely dominated guards providing goldsman. That is not what you wanna see for. United fan Anything else stand out from the games that we still have wednesday game so it's not like we're done here but like it was a it was kind of a tepid day of games severe Salzburg was absolutely nuts. In the game was hammered four penalties there was four penalties given in the first half alone. Did you ever lamelo. Looks good real good. Good matthew he is supplemental is good. No he's leaving. Look remotely the same player you had. Well that's just the system us in bill if you put him in like system where he's like party. Listen good man. Heats good he. He wants to go guy i like. I will always root for him. He's perfect for that. Soviet given lewis of the same black brennan errands. Well these good blair. He's player not a lot of gold little wolf my favorite group by the way that ecru. There's nobody there's no splitting any of them. Severe salzburg leland wolfsburg..

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