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To talk about it now after all the disruptions it had the feel good to see live racing again there was also you know it it felt like things are going back towards normal now I mean granted it wasn't clients corn hole on ESPN or something but he chuckled it was good to see real competition that matters live little distraction from you know the every day life that we're leaving right now and so it was it was great to see things being typical again and you know typically got Kevin Harvick wins the races depute career NASCAR William and he's one of the wily old veterans not surprised that he won yesterday and any those new fans that you were able to pull in yesterday with the compressed schedule and another conferees coming up on Wednesday night is at an even bigger opportunity well I think it is you know if if you had if you did have something that completed or you forgot about or you're doing you know chores at home or whatever you get another chance here just a couple days to see another race and and you know in the next starting yesterday the next eleven days gonna help for events that that's that's just doesn't happen for some racing so you could really get invested it's it's like almost like sitting down and gorging yourself on some show that's being streamed on TV or you just to really get yourself consume you can learn who the players are who the people are the intricacies things like that by the time we get to these four races you criminal whole lot about NASCAR race you didn't know before and that helps helps you become a fan are you getting any more indication on when they might go racing at TMS and NASCAR it'll be sometime later this summer for sure the race that came up that was postponed in March will be made up the entire weekend with made up later in the summer exactly we can't say don't know but you know we're running two cars on Saturday night June six without a crowd but we've got a very busy summer ahead of us where we're starting today high school graduation ceremonies for two high schools and over the next I think it's the next fifteen days we're doing thirty six high school graduations at Texas motor speedway so we've got a very busy staff in a very busy being you scan medical experience for those kids thanks to Eddie Gossage from Texas motor speedway governor abit expected to announce a new plans for the re opening of Texas later today that briefing scheduled to start at two o'clock you will hear it right here on news radio ten eighty KRLD.

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