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And she's like, well, it wasn't your fault. Thank you for sticking up for me and then douchebag phantasmagoria chocolate factory. Whatever is like. It was the content. It was the assembly guys. Okay. I was like you're not the team captain. Just be quiet over there. Phantasmagoria? I want to hear you go away go away. So ultimately, it's time for judging. And you know, it's like, oh, we'll basically the chocolate any just wasn't that good. And just her bisque was the weakest thing of the night, and you should taking the London, then you know, on blocking the entrees weren't very good publ-. You made some terrible terrible sake than newly wants the raw buildings so sore and outs. Don't forget that part. Tom. And you know, the lack of training for ne-near how to snowball effect, and so that's Meany Pablo please pack your knives in go. I was pissed not problem. Even though I can't Pablo is pretty he's proven himself to be pretty talented and stuff. I didn't like the heat off. But I he's every week. I thought Justin should have gone whoever is responsible for the fucking bisque and the Easter should've gone. Yeah. I actually agree. I thought it was gonna be Justin Anini. I was so mad. I was so mad any loss. I was so mad that I actually went and watched last chance kitchen 'cause I was to be an this cannot be the end for me with ni I didn't finish. I it was a two-part last chance kitchen, and I finished part one. But I'm not finished part two. I am going to tell you anything about what happened or do. You want me to hold it. I'll hold I won't say anything. Yeah. I don't know. If people will get mad that that's a spoiler. Not. Yeah. I won't say I needed to watch it. I actually watched million dollar listing LA believe it or not because I was really excited to delist for the crappies and whenever have a to do list. I won't move like it. Yeah. I'm like a deer in the headlights on like, oh, I don't want to do anything. So I just sat during let it play. Wow. What are? So. I mean, it's not great. But a couple of new casting choices they made they have haven't chick. Now. She's really good flag is like crazier than ever he's turning into this like completely wonky old, man. Yeah. And he started wearing leather jackets now said of seats error. I don't know it was pretty fun. But that Josh Altman still. The worst. And those English guys are still the worst. They're still there. Oh, they're terrible. So those so it's like half good. I liked it. I mean, I watched the whole thing. I like it more than million dollars into your. I you know, I can't watch million. I can't watch work. I can watch like it so bad. It's like it's it's too fake like Frederick. It's so annoying. And he is so. Lately scripted yet. That ruins the entire show. I can't do it a great. I don't know why brought it up because I have nothing to say about it except that I was very proud and want extra credit points for watching it. Okay. Over to the graphics mailbag. Bam..

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