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Who else is slow hold on jayjay taxes the Commissioner that yeah. What is the leak? It is a group of local people who travel from spot to spot weekly when they Miami Heat are in town, do karaoke. And I gotta say I'm not gonna name names because I'm not that kind of guy like bear Grylls guerrillas Ravi says name. But anyways, there are people that are high ranking Miami officials who have attended this thing Pat Riley does Gary yoki not naming names in the league. I told you not any Ellsberg crushes it on the dance more era sin is in your league. Shane baddie as definitely in Batty. Zo can't be so Alonzo Mourning you never know come on on the poll, Guillermo does Alonzo Mourning do karaoke. So so does not enjoy Nario key. You'd be surprised, and we get can we get the song that Amine would like. So that we could get addition of what he's doing in league play. Awesome. Put it on the poll. Did you know there were karaoke leagues? Dan. You always have to have a go-to that warms up the crowd because a lot you're going in. It's not like we don't do it in little rooms just amongst ourselves. We're going out to public and we're doing performances, but what do you want to? What's the music? You want to show us? All. Oh, no, no. No. No, no. No, no, no shout out to ROY. Was there? A crab today is Thursday. There was a crowd. I'm telling you. And and I if I only could bottle up the excitement and energy the moment. Jason Jackson walked into the room of decent Jackson arriving. He'd had like a lot of the murmuring. You know, the murmuring you here in movies. We're just but then you hear one word towards healing decent Jackson Miami. What you've got. I mean, this is not know what do you want? Can you know the song that are saying last night that is the absolute warmup song? Alright. A bit of a snooze. I watched your loser, sir. I challenge you. I challenge you to carry oh key battle. Really you're him right now. Now, Chris Cody. This. You gotta yourself. But a mean has challenged you, and he's going to open the bidding with what Chris Cody has disparaged as a snooze earlier, Dan, I'm gonna tell you this is like just like NBA players who have guys I could beat you on one on one. And usually they just ignore them. But every once in a while man come on come on. All right. Well, this is going to be alive. This is amazing karaoke off has broken out. Billy stood up for some reason. He's stood up. Excitedly still not looking at Allison has anyone ever challenged. People more never won a thing. That mean, I mean all those challenge. Well, here we go. And here we are wins everything. That's right here. This is wonderful. We have to follow it to its conclusion is this a snooze IRS this to- tapper. What Billy what a is the guy. He was describing. One hundred percent. All right, Mike. Do you have the music necessary for a karaoke battle to.

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