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Old, right? Goes all your big Browns fan. I said, Yeah. You know, like I give her a card, everything she's like. Well, I tell you right now the Steelers gonna wipe you wipe you clean this year. I'm like great congratulations and she goes. Well, thanks for the Joe Hayden, Thanks for Joanne and Joanna has had a very nice career with the Steelers after Mitt. But this was one of the first got Joe Hayden and she's like, thanks for joining Joe Haynes old and used up and can't stay healthy with us. I go. You go ahead and we're going to go on back and forth out joking. We're kind of going back and forth about Joey and I go. That's fine. You guys enjoy your exit from the playoffs and enjoy your Joe Hayden. She goes. Yeah, well, enjoy free and 13 fat ass way both. Stared at each other and everybody in the in the restaurant. Look, the workers all like, pause, And you just saw these eyes like Look for the window like, Oh, my God, and I'm laughing. The manager like runs up to the window. She's like, Sir, Can you pull up, please? And she was as angry she comes out. She's like, Listen, whatever you need. Let's try to get I'm like, Listen. You go. I thought it was funny. Don't fire that girl. I swear to God, I'm trying to put myself over here here. No, I was like I thought it was funny. I said we were talking about football in the drive through. I I can push buttons. She's a 16 year old little girl. Do not fire this girl over this, Okay? I don't need anything. I got a story to tell on the air for the rest of my life, So don't worry about it. I don't know what's happened to that girl. Hopefully she's living a nice life right now. Who knows? Maybe she's a manager of that restaurant right there. I don't know, but I just don't please do not fire her. Over cheeseburgers and whatnot and called me a fat ass. Okay, Hopefully we'll have a nice, funny story to tell.

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