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In gene would hold try to hold the microphone, and he would walk around behind him. And gene, we'll try and wrap it up voyeur just keep going Jean finest. What the fuck am I doing here? Just let him let him do shit. It's ridiculous for me to to stand here and do this. So there was a frustration there. But that's the only guy, you know, gene, looked at it as a challenge on some people. Try get interviews out of him and put words in their mouth and making good and warriors just was impossible along. Give me an example of a guy like that. A guy like nail sometimes guy like Greg Valentine could be challenging Ricky steamboat was not greatest promo in the world. So right, Dino, Bravo, Frenchy Martin some of those guys, you know, it was painful to try get interviews out of them. But you had you had to get something with them. Gene. Would put the words in their mouth and make it entertaining. Mr fuji. Not always that easy voice on. You know, we've heard through the years especially about him day that when near champ minutes wants to talk to you all the time. You know, you go from you know, Vince is they are. But you don't have a ton of interaction with maybe TV here there. Whatever to win. You're the champ. You have a lot more communication with vents. And I'm sure Vince feels that way because our does that because this is really sort of the face of the company. What do you think about amount of TV time and the relationship with viewer? Mangino Cleveland was also sort of faced with the company was his relationship like with vents once they really got up and going. Great. I mean, really and truly great Vince trust, gene. So just as is stated before you you could give Jean something and feel confident that he was going to deliver. So that that relationship was one of trust. And they liked each other. They had a good time. Together, they go out and party together. It was a mutual respect and a genuine genuinely liked each other. So that helped but most importantly, I think that there was respect and trust on both sides that Vince, trusted, gene, trusted, his judgment that whatever he was going to do was going to be the right thing. Well in the right thing is to take care of your money and being good steward with your money. And Brits, you've got a tip on how some of our listeners can do that. Right. Because Robin Hood, it's an investing app and let you buy sell stocks ETF S's options cryptos all commission free. So even if you're a stock market newcomer, you can invest for the first time with true confidence..

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