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You're fearing not being considered to be perfect and you're not going to be perfect and you're going to be absolutely judged it's okay behold do your best and have a great time it's awesome military training so phone interesting heard mixed opinions about that buddy i get it i'll tell you why you know why it's easy to see you looking at your food while tell you why it's a anatomical thing when you look down your eyelids i lashed his all that stuff goes boom they they shift down and super obvious physically to see notice that if you look i decided not much only your little eyeball or whatever but if you look down you can't look down without doing your eyelids what i'm saying like you get like when you look down you you're just an eyelash it's real obvious real obvious it's funny though because i thought i was gonna get to go you can't and it's not like you can act like you're looking at something else and they can't do that because straight ahead it was actually so funny how how i got so busted at how copy i was thinking how how they gonna stop me from looking at my food i'll just glance down and they'd just are on you guys by the way yeah and you look in jump on kersey it's gone the this this kind of thing maybe a good way to look at it and i'm only going on based on kind of what he said but like any any decision like situation where you've got okay to make the right call or the right you know you know tactics to get a certain result or whatever it it really when you kind of think about it when i do anyway it there's always an element of chance right i remember how like okay so i'm going to the post office right there is like okay so me saying okay i'm going to go the safest route to the post office we get there boom i'm gonna deliver or malema thing i'm gonna come.

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