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Twitter account of a large group of Montrose Beach yesterday, no masks insight bunched in closer than six feet. She called it reckless behavior says the parks and lakefront will be shut down once again if people refuse to abide by the social distancing and facemask guidelines. Several police vehicles responded at Montrose Beach. Not long after the mayor's tweet. The Cove ID test positive rate for Chicago and Illinois has been climbing steadily for the past several weeks. 15 year old boy is dead today after a crash on the Eisenhower Expressway. Illinois police state police say the boy was with a 17 year old who was driving out of the city on the eye just after 12 30 this morning when the 17 year old lost control of the vehicle it crashed near the Austin exit enrolled over the 15 year old was thrown from the vehicle who died at the hospital. The 17 year old survived with minor injuries. The federal government is awarding over $101 million to combat substance abuse. An opioid use disorders over $2 million of that money is going to hell three sources and services Administration funded clinics in Illinois. The details from double the PM's Jennifer Kipper. Most of the money is going to downstate health centers. But here in Chicago over $335,000 he's being given to the board of trustees of City colleges Chicago for what's called the Opioid Impacted Family Support program. Person, Administrator Tom Ingles tells Don't you BTM That program helps individuals get access to care. For example, it might help them get access to the services offered by a pair of professional, which might be somebody like appear support specialist or something that may work in emergency room that help link a patient to care as they're getting ready to leave an emergency. They may have been in that emergency room for a substance used type of event. Ingles, who was also a member of the White House Corona virus, task force, says The hearse of funded health centers are also offering coded 19 tests in their local communities. And you can find one by going to find a health center dot H r s a dot gov Jennifer.

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