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Been nurse back to health after her Parents accidentally stepped on her egg and broke its at London zoo zoo says keep us restorage to find rainbow the female Humboldt penguin chick was still alive inside the broken egg they rushed the, chick to the zoo's clinic where vets. Transferred her to an incubation chamber she spent weeks cuddling. With a soft toy penguin, and, was federal zoo called penguin milkshake made a fish vitamins and minerals penguin keepers Susie. Hyde said on Thursday the birds typically reject chicks when they accidentally step on their eggs she said the one month, old is growing quickly and we'll stay in the incubation chamber until, she reaches ten weeks President Trump says he's willing to sharply boost tariffs on China. Is AP. Washington correspondent saga megani reports Trump's escalated his threats to punish China for it's. Trade, policies, he's already imposed or, threatened tariffs on more than two, hundred thirty. Billion dollars worth of Chinese imports and the president Indicating he's now willing, to put them on every product imported from China last year the. US imported roughly five hundred five billion dollars in goods the president tells CNBC he's willing to go to five hundred. Blasting Washington's trade deficit with Beijing I don't. Like it and I haven't liked it for. Many years China already retaliated with the duties of its own at American. Businesses who'd be hit in a trade war are pushing back against the administration's moves saga megani at the White House The man who inspired the Robin William's character in the movie good morning Vietnam has died.

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