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Gave us a bro it's all him babyface teddy Riley would you give the win to last night I get a little better why so you don't have to because it was such confidence yeah what he got the best hits let's just say that so not only like trying to anyone planning is now see I would say there is a right that like both Fuhrman geniuses it also is in what record you played it is a lot of record that I don't think teddy should've played out like I don't think you should arrange it would hold well I don't think so either I don't want you to play at home I don't usually black screen deep no especially because my mama no he should have played instead of laughter deep you should've played the only the only yeah Hey we we since you write what you know is is what I don't think people pick their own autocorrect is the like you know so hopefully have catalog both of which is great which is great to see the battle and I am gradually both teddy Riley and baby faced a long career you know everything that the bill could you just imagine those publishing checks that steel coming all the time from teddy Riley's Michael Jackson to everything that baby face does that's just imagine what happened baby faces that's what that's what really shocked me about this whole battle babyfaces old sneaky player yes maybe type the war he tried to walk up to you in the street and be like what's up young man hi your mama doing knowing damn well you know how my mom is doing because you see her every other night yeah right I know you're a baby faced maybe you have your mom's refrigerator full of grocers I like that he's very snarky very man who ever you until you pull out a straight raise on you do now he's a great switchblade in that in that Burgundy velvet jacket I'm telling you right now babyface the old player who lasted your young **** because using the club by some young girl drinks all night and he pulled up in the caddy at the end of the night the young girl jumping with him he just looks at you as that tell your parents other high young man and rob Lowe a little sleeping with but it was good it was definitely I'll I loved it man what we got right was on the way he will be talking about yes I said the best question beat this person has already squashed the beef and now he's planning to squash a big one all right we'll get into that next keep a lock this the breakfast club good morning.

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