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Was in the fifth wheel last year, and I was trying to find Greens it was really hard. To Rice but. And maybe. Ain't got no healthy stores. They got fucking Chinese Lou spots they. so food. That's the new soul food. Yeah, so you gotta go to Heb. Sat out the HEB. 'cause my buddy was like a a higher up Heb and he passed away. Shouting out heaps. On, what is? Would never mind. Aside so. That they really really take care people man, so I got a lot of respect for those guys, and that'll spend no money nowhere else, but there that's. So you were born in the fifth ward. Every. Like, Oprah. From southside man! Okay! Would you were born in Houston correct? Pretty much. Outside of Houston so wrong yet, close enough Houston I guess. Jason and Jason. One Ninety nine Houston yeah okay I'm a native. Houstonians cool. Okay well. Yeah I actually I. D- I. Don't know much about your your your early beginnings like. What was? Your childhood like as far as before you got into hop like. A lot of flunky, rock and roll. Really I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Faulk in rock and roll. No soul not earn in be. Solo okay, we'll explain to me like what was your. What was your household like allergies so when my mind went to work? I went to my grandmother's house and all of my uncles, wearing the rock and roll. So we played. You know thin, lizzy. Ted, nugent. fucking the pink Floyd Fan Right Pink Floyd. Rush, but we got home. We listen to fucking. Marvin Gaye and Prints. Is Lebron. That was at my mom's house. My Grandmother's house was rocked out. Or what was that unusual for you like? Why are you uncles into that particular? No. That's how that's what I grew up so I don't I didn't know it was anything supposed to be different about. Family. But I know even when you talk to your friends about music. Uncle Saga fight real good. SONORAN tests a year. In me, man, we fight like him of a okay. Okay Bye. Magas little do fighting the big news, so. I know that you're a guitars, so like how? Still! Pretty good. Remember that you are you related to Johnny Nash? Yes. Yes, I can see clearly now. He's your cousin. Does. Your family come from Jamaica. was He just know what happened? Is John Johnny from Houston? What about the accident? Though he got an accident. Jamaican next. Johnny Mans don't know Jamaican. You Serious, Oh God. He will just affiliate song with like. A lot of records football molly to know that. Yes, okay. I would assume that he came from Jamaica from. Houston Texas South Park. Damn Man. John Any coolest hell to. They got a song and it's GonNa last forever. Man, like my. You know you'll kids kids. Can See. Everybody knows everybody knows. That what he hercules never rose the car the cartoon. Don't what what what's going on. They had a cartoon called Hercules He wrote a fucking Shit Board. Sorry. I didn't know that I didn't. Lose. Oh, wow, yeah, so he just left. Hercules. Left the music to make. Really. Hercules wait to Bob. Dole. Is He. A first cousin second cousin first cousin okay. That his grandfather and my grandfather was. Brothers or some shit I know old folks. Alan noise cousins and we'd be hanging out and. I haven't seen him in. About eight months though okay. Oh, so you still live in. Yeah, you alive and well. He lives in Houston. Gary Rich. Can he still see clearly? What. Do I get a yes sorry..

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