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I'm joined by Katie Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief operating officer. At Feeding America, You can find out Maura about the organization and all the tremendous work they're doing at feeding America dot org's again The website is feeding America dot or g'kar. I talked to so many different organizations, weekend and week out and pretty much all of them have said 20 twenties been rough in terms of them. Being able to come across the resource is they need to do the work that they're trying to do. What have you seen on that front? And this is certainly an opportunity to let people know how they can help. Make sure you can continue the important work you're doing through this holiday season and into 2021. Yeah. So you know what been really wonderful to see has been how much the American public has risen to the occasion here and made private donations from $5 donations to companies or individuals who have the ability to make very large gifts both to feeding America and local food banks, In addition to wonderful gift from the food industry in terms of food that's been donated. So we've been very pleased with the level of support that we've received so far, and we've been able to take all of the dollars that have been received in our covert 19 response son and turned them around to local communities and will continue to do that, as we raise those dollars, So we're really pleased about that. I would say, you know, the challenge, though, is that the scale It's so huge. For instance, if you know the gap that we see in the federal commodity food that may be coming from the federal government. That would that would be about $600 million worth of food purchases. So we're not. We're certainly not raising that kind of money. And so, um, so we would encourage people to continue to if they can't give a financial gift to the cove in 19 Response fund at Feeding America got or Or to their local food bank is a great way to give you confine your local food bank. It's feeding America that or that those gifts do go a long way in helping us procure food helping US paper staff because their volunteer base is really not where it usually is, because of course, people are making good decisions about staying home to be safe equipment that we need cold storage that we need to make sure food is kept. At the right temperatures as we're out distributing in communities, all those things are really you know, the dollars go a long way, and it's certainly food donations are wonderful thing. People can do food drives for those local food banks. And then the last thing I would say is, you know, join our campaign to end hunger. Um Folks can find out more about that at feeding America dot organ. That's another way to make sure that you know, your voice could be added with the voice voices of billions of others who, you know, want. To create a circumstance in this country where no American would go hungry and we in America. We don't have a food problem. We have a connection problem. So this is a solvable problem. It just takes all of us working together to make sure that our our neighbors have the food they need to go on another day. I think I can say on behalf of the entire country. Thank you so much for the great work that you're doing at feeding America. Katie Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief operating officer. At Feeding America, you can find out more and you can donate and help out at feeding America dot org's Katie. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you so much, Ryan. Right. And finally, I'm joined by Commissioner Kenneth Totter, national commander of the Salvation Army USA to talk about their holiday fund raising campaign and the need the Salvation Army has worked to alleviate throughout this past year Commissioner Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to us, and let's start with your plan for the red kettles and this holiday season. Well, thanks so much lying to the opportunity to speak with you about this today. There is no question that since the middle of March, the Salvation Army has seen a tsunami of human need and the Salvation Army has responded. We have served over 100 million meals where in a typical year we don't serve 52. We provided 1.6 million more nights of shelter than we normally would. There have been about 900,000 instances of emotional and spiritual support, and that is going to continue into the holiday season. We currently project about 155% more people coming to the Salvation Army this Christmas. Which will need about 69 folks. So there is no question that there is enormous pressure on the Christmas candle campaign. It's an icon of the holiday season. Everybody knows and loves the kettle. We've been doing it for 130 years. This year. The kettle campaign itself is endangered by several factors. One years people retail locations that which we can place our cattle. We also have a national coin shortage. We also have folks who would normally give that who are actually now this evening services from the Salvation Army rather than giving and there's less travel. So you put all those things together and we have a very challenging situation. So what we're going to do this year is we're going to put his many candles out as we possibly can. Increase the opportunities that people have to get safely and simply either at the kettle's or online. At a typical kettle. You'll not only be able to put coins into the cattle bitch will be able to cap the sign with your phone and making electronic donations will be able to make a donation via Alexa. You can text the word, gentle 291999. Or on top of all of that you can go to a special website that means established. It's called Rescue Christmas got bored, and that location is one in which people can put in their own zip code. They'll be able to find out everything the Salvation Army is doing in their community. If they need help, they can find out how to get it. If they would like to support our work, they could make a donation. I'm joined by Commissioner Kenneth Totter, national commander of the Salvation Army USA. We're talking about some of the.

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