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He was right from the beginning there in fire medical environmental radicals. It is good for our national security. It is good for our financial security to be energy independent. Mr Attorney General. Thank you for being with us. Appreciate it, Trump. Thank you and be on the lookout. This pie in the sky proposal. Biden were just beginning to unpack it. The devastation door economy is gonna be something we haven't seen before. If we don't stop it. Appreciate you being with us. Thank you. 809 41, Sean. Our number. All right. All right, Quick break When we come back, we'll hit the phones. 809 41, Shawn, You wanna be a part of the program? Hey, I love Hustler Turf. Look there now one of the largest manufacturers and have been for many, many years of their zero turn lawn mowers. Now third generation they started in the sixties. They're the best at what they do. Now they have the legendary mower called the Rapture. It's been completely redesigned for 2021 it 01 that I own and love you. Look at this mower. You look at this heavy duty tank like construction. And then you compared to others in the same price range. It's like they're they're toy lawnmowers versus the real adult lawnmowers that that dramatic a difference and it's fun to ride. And don't just look at them test drive them. They have smooth track steering. They have more comfort. I mean, you sit on this thing and you are comfortable and this thing hauls. It's like like like Riding a motorbike is a kid. It's so fun. Anyway. Now it's long moment.

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