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Day after she suggested putting off his state of the union address the commander-in-chief denied her a military flight to Afghanistan. Also this hour North Korean diplomat works to arrange a second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong UN and what's driving the cheap gas. Prices drivers have been enjoying. It's Friday January eighteenth the day in two thousand one when outgoing President Bill Clinton delivered a farewell address. Think of all the happened. Since the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman online news site. Buzzfeed reports that President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen told the special counsel that Trump instructed him to lie to congress. The report which NPR has not confirmed says that Trump wanted Cohen to conceal from lawmakers Trump's involvement in a Moscow real estate deal. Former FBI agent Clint watts says this is different from election interference allegations. Now, it involves one branch of government, essentially, undermining another branch of government. This is different from everything we saw up in in terms of Russian collusion and election interference in terms of extraction. This is a very current sort of thing that just happened recently. So I think it could put the president in a very dangerous position bay change some people's view in congress of how to handle this maybe with impeachment. This is you know, helping someone or encouraging someone to lie to try. Avoid the truth with regards to congress that could change people's opinion. He's spooked NPR's morning edition, a former Chicago police officer convicted of murdering a black teenager will be sentenced later today. NPR Cheryl corley reports Jason Van Dyke could face years in prison for the twenty fourteen shooting. A jury found Jason van guilty of second degree murder and sixteen counts of aggravated battery in large part because of a video which showed him shooting seventeen year old MacDonald sixteen times, the second degree murder conviction could bring a sentence ranging from probation to twenty years and aggravated battery a mandatory minimum of six years. Community activist William Callaway fought for the release of the video and hopes Van Dyke gets along sentence. We don't want him to get probation for the second degree murder. I believe he's just been arrested is like mambas yesterday. A judge acquitted three other Chicago police officers charged with trying to cover up the shooting to protect Van Dyke. Cheryl, corley NPR news, Chicago. Iran is calling on the FBI to release an American born journalist who works for Enron and broadcaster as NPR's Daniel Czeslaw reports she is due in court today in Washington on unspecified charges. Marzia Hashemi is an anchor for the English language. State media Press TV in Iran. She was born Melanie Franklin in New Orleans and converted to Islam. She is fifty nine her son Hussein Hashemi says his mother was on route to Denver when she was detained at Lambert international airport in Saint Louis, he told me he believes she is being held as a material witness. But he doesn't know why. There weren't any charges that were mentioned at that time or after that. She is currently in prison. She has an inmate number she behind bars. The FBI the department of Justice and Saint Louis police declined to comment Daniela has low NPR news Washington. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. A top North Korean diplomat is in Washington to meet with secretary of state. Mike Pompeo, Kim Yong tool could also go to the White House to meet President Trump. The visit is intended to lay groundwork for a potential second summit between Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN neither the US nor North Korea have confirmed the diplomats trip. The African Union is urging Democratic Republic of Congo to delay announcing the final results of the disputed presidential election. NPR's ofeibea Quist arcton reports the AU says it has serious doubts about the integrity of provisional results. An unusually strongly-worded assessment from the African Union expresses deep concern about the accuracy of Congo's presidential vote outcome. A vigorous AU statement is calling on the election commission to suspend declaring the final results. Provisional returns gave victory to oppositon leader finished you say Katie a move contested by another opposition front front. Amata? You buy you alleged for. And says she's Acadian out gang. President Joseph Kabila have made a deal for you knew has taken his legal challenge to congress constitutional court in an apparent move to stave off, more, political instability and possible violence. The African Union says hold fire one eight dispatches, a high level delegation to Congo. Ofeibea Quist arcton NPR news Johannesburg. There's a total lunar eclipse coming late on Sunday night. The best viewing will be close to midnight on the east coast. The site space dot com says the eclipse will last about an hour. There is an added feature the moon is at one of its closest points to the earth. So the super.

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