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Hypocrisy. This is ABC Jack stupidity. Donald Trump poses a great threat knowingly uses phone compromised by truck comes and they praise Hillary Clinton for being so damn smart. All yet such an injustice, she's not the president. She actually was hacked day in and day out. She won. And so was the president of the United States when he was communicating with her. The vaunted Barack Hussein, oh, you know. I really there are some days. I just have a hard to contain disdain for these people and their Erickson this mugginess and their condescension about things. These are people that are really in genuinely going to put this nation at risk. It isn't Donald Trump putting this nation at risk. It's Donald Trump that is helping to withdraw this nation from the jaws of risk and transfer the risk to our enemies, it is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at all who these smug leftist seemed to adore who put this nation at risk in so many ways economically foreign policy intelligence, you name it, and they have the audacity. Chime in on the so-called stupidity and ignorance of Donald Trump. I just some days. It just gets to me. It just ticks me off here. Another Trump tweet a very big part of the anger. We see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media that I referred to as fake news. It's gotten so bad and hateful. It's beyond description. Mainstream media must clean up its act fast. Every word of that is true. They're out there calling Trump Hitler. They're calling him. Do you know the New York Times published a story yesterday the day that this bomb business started the New York Times had a story yesterday fantasizing about Trump's assassination? You want to talk about lack of civility. You wanna talk about public discourse? The New York Times yesterday October twenty fourth published a fictional piece. Imagining Trump's assassination at the hands of a Russian and a secret service agent, novelist. Zoe sharp wrote the following narrative of the president's assassination. I'm going to quote verbatim. The president didn't seem to notice he waved in his desultory fashion. The secret service agents clustered around him ushered him forward. The armored limo idling outside at the curb the Russian waited until they were a few steps passed before he drew the gun. He cited on the center of the president's backing squeezed, the trigger the Makharov this fired the secret service agent at the president shoulder heard the click spun indoor crouch, he registered the scene instantly drawing his own weapon with razor edge. Reflexes? The Russian tasted failure, he closed his eyes. He waited to pay the cost, but it did not come. He opened his eyes. The secret service agent stood before him presenting his Glock. But I hear the agent said to the Russian assassin use mine. New York Times published this yesterday. A secret service agent helping a Russian agent assassinate Donald Trump after the Russians gun failed to fire. No wonder the New York Times couldn't resist publishing and even on a day when they are pretending to be horrified by the thought of violence because some bombs being sent. To democrats. You know, a couple of mouse clicks could've told the writer of this piece that the secret service, not don't use glocks. They're not issued glocks use the six hour P to nine a minor point a minor for. So this actually ran in the New York Times, they explained the reason for publishing the piece the New York Times said, well, our focus here at the book review is our books and stories, but also on how the books being written and read reflect the world outside of books and one of the biggest stories out there. Of course is the Mueller investigation the relationship between Trump and Putin. It's hard not speculating. It's made up. They're justifying a story on the assassination of Trump by a secret service agent based on the Muller investigation. I'm telling you these people are not right, folks. They are they're troubled. They are suffering psychological disorders that has been brought on by the on relenting hatred. They feel over the outcome of the two thousand sixteen election. They are out of control. And these are the same people that published and reviewed a movie on how to assassinate George W Bush during his presidency and all day long yesterday and all day tonight. We're getting preached Joe by the people in the media. It would be very very dangerous to start speculating who is behind the bombs before we have the fact that is very very they're preaching to us about civility when they are running stories and publishing excerpts from books. Fantasizing over the thrill and the joy of Donald Trump being assassinated is anybody find. Something seriously wrong with these people other than me. There's something seriously, mentally, psychologically wrong here. I mean, it's one thing to run this. Another thing to not realize how plain and simple wrong it is. And then to justify it based on the Muller investigation. Well, there's a lot of interest out there. Mr. Limbaugh Muller is looking into the ties between Putin and Trump. There aren't any how about the ties between Hillary and Putin. There aren't any ties. You haven't found any there never were any there were none to be found. There wasn't any collusion. Anybody with an open mind and an IQ of a pencil eraser knows it by now. But not these people. Happiness glee over fiction. Resulting in the assassination of Donald Trump. Promoting it. On the same day. They're wringing their hands of in horrible. If it so many bombs have been sent to Trump targets. Anyway, Trump is right on the money with his tweet about the media being culpable. And I'll tell you. No, misunderstand. You know, I'm a big self responsibility person. I am so into it. That I don't ask for help enough, folks. I really don't I've I've I've been told by number you could really ease some stress of us ask for help. I it. I look at everything is is specially things I want things I need. I look at them as totally my responsibility. And maybe too much. I don't know. But I firmly believe in it. So therefore, whoever did this is the ultimate responsible person. No question about it. But I'm not going to sit here and tie my hands behind my back and the other half of my brain behind my back being preached to buy a bunch of people lying to us and being phony about it because they're not they are trying to pass responsibility of this off to Donald Trump. And and trying to get us to shut up. In response and opposition to we're supposed to sit here and say, oh, no, no, no until we know the facts, we can't comment while they comment left and right and start ragging on Trump or his supporters, or what have you while we're supposed to sit here and be polite and have good manners. And not say anything about it. We're doing what we always do reminding our own business. We get up one day. And we find the left just trying to suck the hell out of the country. And we find ourselves in the need to defend it. And it's happening again here Jim Acosta with a tweet. Trump talked about the bomb center. Former public officials at his rally in Wisconsin. But once again, he didn't mention CNN on top of all that. He criticized the media for coverage. He doesn't like it. Of course, he took no responsibility for his own rhetoric. Well, Donald Trump junior responded to cry baby Jimmy a costume with this tweet. Hey, Jimmy, did you or your colleagues take any responsibility for your rhetoric in constantly calling my family racist and Nazis for two years when my wife actually opened an exploding envelope of white powder intended for me, what about what had happened to my brother. Jimmy. You know, you guys claim everybody else has to accept responsibility for their rhetoric, but you don't want to have any responsibility for your rhetoric or your actions. And that is so damn right on they demand that the media total exemption from what they say from what they report because they're journalists because they.

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