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That part of the business has built the lot of value and then there's a lot of enabling companies we're big investors at revolution in draft kings with big investors and sport radar i just made a personal investment with my son in win view i i just believed that sports entertainment enabling companies will be great investments and then being able owned the building the networks the team's the technology of some of the technology rounded that both of those some business plays will be very very valuable a guy who likes the value teams at at forbes alatas been driving me nuts because i look at some of the recent deal so for example steve palmer pay two billion dollars for the clippers seems to a firm you know everything in a nutshell that you just talked about i mean it's a technology company he's by his pain ten times revenue or something like that peter guber several years ago tremendous success obviously with the warriors paid at that time what was the highest price for a team high multiple those seemed to be like entertainment intact guys then there seems to be another crowd that's come in and i went up them more wall street guys they seem to be going more the low end so like for the atlanta hawks for example not long after the clippers about seven hundred thirty five million or something like that they were bought for the milwaukee bucks another wall street guy came in bought for a low is uh is this a function the prices a function of.

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